INVITATION TO A WEBINAR ON DEVELOPING TRUST – Sunday 3-7-21 at 12 noon Eastern Time

This weeks topic – Missing Steps In Establishing Trust With SRT

We have been helping people with SRT for at least a decade and we have established trust with most our clients by using caring communication and working at the right gradient to increase their awareness. Since our intentions were good, most of our clients picked up on the fact we truly wanted to release them from past traumas and increase their free will.

I recently discovered the works of James French, who has established techniques to establish trust relationships with animals. I used his techniques on one of my cats and found them to produce results beyond my fondest expectations. Anyone with SRT experience will recognize the workability of his approach because his technique is built around reaching and withdrawing which we have been using successfully for some time. However, he includes some steps that we have not been emphasizing before because doing them was a natural action for most of us.

These missing steps establish trust without the use of words, which is why we tend to overlook them in dealing with human beings. Since James French deals with animals, these steps are vital and allow the person using them to develop a cooperative relationship with any animal, even those he cannot approach closely because of physical danger. Once James establishes a trust relationship with an animal, he then develops a mind to mind communication in which the animal actually cooperates willingly with what James suggests.

With the use of language, we can communicate with other humans, but we do not always try to develop a cooperative relationship with other humans before launching into what we want to accomplish. We often use threats and other means to dominate the person we want to control and skip the development of trust entirely. We try to control our relationship with others, instead of developing a trust relationship where the other person wants to cooperate.

Trust works both ways. We trust those who trust us and once established, we tend to resist breaking that trust. Trust carries with it an expectation of future results and once it is established, our sense of security is enhanced. A lack of trust creates uncertainty and fear. Being surrounded by trusted associates builds confidence and certainty of purpose. Knowing how to create trusted relationships is a valuable skill.

I will be hosting a webinar tomorrow to show you how you can augment your conversational skills with non-verbal actions which will show others you can be trusted. If you would like more people to trust you, join this webinar.

Join me on Zoom this Sunday at 12 noon Eastern Time using this link:

The webinar donation is $10, and you can use this link to pay me:

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  1. David Post author

    This webinar has been rescheduled for next Sunday. I did not provide enough advance notice for this week’s webinar and went on to other projects at 12:15 when there were no participants. I will be posting invitations tomorrow to this webinar where you can indicate your interest in attending.


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