I’m Looking For A Few SRT Research Assistants

I am extending the reach of SRT processing and need to gather data that will be used in solo sessions. I would like to form a relationship with a few of you in which you will do several solo sessions every week, and in exchange, I will deliver a standard SRT session to you on the subject of your choice at no cost to you.

I have done this kind of working relationship in the past, and it has benefited the participants and SRT. This arrangement is available both to clients and those who have never had a session with me. Your session data will be kept confidential, although results may be published anonymously to show how certain processes work.

The project is open-ended and will eventually expand into other areas of research. Consider this a week-to-week arrangement which either you or I can end at will. For each week that you do at least four solo sessions, I will deliver you a free SRT session to a good result.

The requirements for inclusion in this project are few. You need to have read and understood my third book, Talking To Spirits. You need to have run a few SRT solo sessions to a good result, which means to a good release or a good realization.

If you don’t have a current reference on SRT Solo Sessions, I will send you a free handbook to study.

Let me know if you are interested and when you can start by connecting to me on Telegram by using this link to open a chat with me: https://t.me/David_St_Lawrence

(I am using Telegram for most of my SRT correspondence now because it is secure, and we can exchange videos and large documents easily.)

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