Random Notes From A Recent Webinar

We live in troubled times, and the events of today trigger painful memories of earlier times. We are experiencing many of the elements of the collapse of earlier civilizations. As a result, it is hard to stay calm and work toward a happy future.

We are experiencing a regime change, which can be quite upsetting as the rules change, and the losing side can be tracked down and persecuted. At the same time, we have a plague of sorts, which is being managed by lockdowns and vaccines of doubtful efficacy. There are enough corruption and contrary information from both sides to make us uncertain of what choices to make.

The only element missing at this time is the lack of a full-scale war, and with our new administration, this may only be a matter of time.

As a result, our racial and spiritual memories are being stirred up, and we are experiencing unrest on a global scale. Our attention is being stuck on past events that we had long forgotten, and as a result, our life force is being diminished every day, with little being done to restore it. We are on the brink of plunging back into the war-torn years of the past.

The one bright spot is that we now have Spiritual Rescue Technology, which provides tools for increasing our life force in situations where there is no natural uplifting factors. SRT can help us find a common point of view with people we hate or despise. These are the people who capture our attention and cause us to reduce our life force. When our attention is stuck on people who threaten us, this reduces our life force and affects our survival. This also reduces our free will.

With SRT processes, we can find a common point of view with those who seek to oppress us, and we can fully understand their intentions and what we are doing that triggers their fears and hostile responses. Once we fully understand them, we know how to handle their upsets and how to defuse their hostility without harm to ourselves or to them.

With SRT, we can increase our life force and theirs by releasing all involved from attention on past incidents. SRT processes release stuck attention and increase life force in all who participate. Since we are all connected spiritually to each other, every release of attention benefits everyone who is connected to you. When we are doing badly, it affects our friends and family and even those we are opposed to. When we are doing well, our life force increases, and we are really alive, and this affects and attracts others. We begin to experience “miracles” of increased opportunities and new friendships opening up. We begin to spread peace and friendship to all we are in contact with.

We begin to see ourselves as part of an interconnected whole as opposed to being isolated and threatened by others. SRT can produce thousands of releases for those who practice it, and this can positively affect all who are connected to this person in any way.

SRT allows us to reach into another person’s spiritual space and to experience what it is like to be them. This action, when done correctly, brings about a deep understanding of the other person and their motives and brings about a change in the relationship we have with this person. Continuing to reach into other’s spiritual space in a caring way will allow us to become cause over our relationship with others. If we do this in a caring way, we bring up others with us, and we all benefit.

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