Remote Perception Tour of Stonehenge on Sunday 1-10-21

Join us this Sunday for a spiritual tour of this world-famous site. We will gather information from the spirits inhabiting and monitoring the site and will probably evoke responses from those of our spirits who have a history with this site. According to some scientists, the site has been in use for 10,000 years, long before the current stones were raised about 5000 years ago.

We will be using our SRT reach and withdraw process and will coach any newcomers until they feel confident to participate. You will get practice contacting spirits and will gain confidence in your ability to track where other participants are putting their attention. If we contact spirits willing to communicate, we will employ SRT session techniques to draw them into a discussion of their intentions and what they know of the history of the site.

These free workshops help us define the future course of our remote perception activity and help us understand the range of perceptions that are available to us. Simple telepathic communication is always present, but we keep encountering other phenomena like the perception of past events, intentions of the spirits in the area, and emotions connected with these sites.

Join us on Sunday, 1-10-2021, at 12 noon EDT for an hour of adventure and spiritual expansion. Use this link to connect with us on Zoom.

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