SRT Workshop Notes 1-3-21 Visiting The Sphinx

This workshop was another effort to get the participants to operate beyond the five human senses and gather as much information as possible about what is happening in the vicinity of the Sphinx. We were using the SRT Reach and Withdraw Process to observe what was there and to compare our observations.

The purpose is to exercise our telepathic ability and all the other abilities that are not quite named, like looking at the past or future, reading intentions, and picking up any other mental image pictures that are related to the site.

We reach out to perceive whatever thoughts and images are coming from this location and we stop the reach when we feel like we’ve gotten all we can get or we’ve realized something or had a thought about the process. Then we wait for the others to complete their reaching, and we compare notes on what we discovered.

The participants included Nolan Cage, David St Lawrence, Stefano Visconti, Joachim Held, and John Jasiewicz.

During the first reach, I had difficulty putting my attention in that area. I felt I was getting distracted. However, Joachim spotted some activity immediately.

He picked up both images of the past and communication from beings. He perceived two additional sphinxes, one like the existing Sphinx and a child sphinx facing the original Sphinx. In a different reach, he perceived starships floating around the site and what he felt was air traffic of the gods. He perceived several civilizations that were together at this point in time.

While he was recounting his observations, I got a clear image of a ship above the pyramids, and my viewpoint was from several miles above the planet, and the ship was between me and the pyramids.

Stefano picked up a communication from a being who had fallen off the Sphinx and landed at the feet of the Sphinx a few hundred years ago. The being still felt a bit astonished and upset.

On the next reach and withdraw cycle, we picked up entirely different impressions. Stefano picked up an image of a big place surrounded by monuments. In the beginning, he was in front of the Sphinx and then he was brought down under the ground where there was a big construction and an implanting machine. He picked up astonishment, fear, and anxiety, and then they got you to worship these gods. It was a bit of implanting.

I get a strong impression that the site had been recycled many times, and a lot of creativity went into worshiping different gods over many, many years. I was looking at it from above and felt a lot of apathy, a sense of we are tired of this. It was just like going to a 2000-year-old Disneyland. Whatever it was set out to be, it’s now just a tourist spot. Here’s some ice cream, popcorn, candy, corn, whatever, you know, and we’ll give you the tour.

I changed the slide images from an aerial black and white photo to a full-color street view image, and the impressions the participants received changed drastically. We appeared to be picking up thoughts and images from a different group of spiritual beings.

Joachim felt changing the pictures shifted his perceptions to a different time altogether. When I changed the picture we were observing from the black and white to the full-color picture, the gods were gone.

When Joachim was looking at the black and white pictures, There was a God who was present and had attention on everything in a very calm state. There were many people working under duress and carrying stones. He perceived two very different emotions in the same scenery.

John Jasiewicz had visions of outer space visitations to that area and his attention was drawn to the joining of the corners of the pyramids in the black and white image behind me. He was looking at the ships from the same level and felt as he may have been there himself as well.

As he was talking about the ships, I could see his vision. We are not distinguishing at this time between what our beings are seeing, and what the beings at the site are seeing, and what we ourselves are seeing. When we go and try to reach a distant location, we all try to participate.

What I would like to do through these remote perception tours is to wake people up so that their memory opens up. So that if you look at something and then three or four days later, you’re still thinking about the pyramids and how the corners weren’t filled in right, that you validate your observations and your memories. My feeling is, the things that we can perceive beyond the five senses will lead us in new directions.

As I was looking at John’s spaceships over the pyramids, something just opened up for me, and I realized that a higher technology alien race was involved in constructing the pyramids because 5000 year old earth technology was not able to do that. I don’t even think earth people had glass lenses at that time for surveying instruments. Some pyramids are oriented so exactly that they act as a sun clock to indicate when the solstice occurs.

Joachim saw that the beings of the past manipulated light by compressing air so that the air acted as a lens. He also mentioned that my presence helped him put together his thoughts about this area. We had noticed this phenomenon before in earlier remote perception tours. When we team up spiritually, we get more done than when we act alone.

I felt that this was not as good a target as the meteor crater because there was more confusion and activity at this site. There are so many visitors that it muddies the water in terms of picking up spiritual activity.

Next time, I would like to find a target that was a little more isolated.
After a short discussion, we agreed that Stonehenge would be our next target.

Joachim mentioned again how his perception was aided by my presence, and we will modify our approach to allow us to work together more effectively, as we did a long time ago.

We will do a reach and withdraw until one of us contacts a being and establishes a good connection with a being at the target site. Then we will let that person be the channel while I or someone else asks questions of the being. The rest of us will monitor the conversation and take note of what we perceive.

A few more Remote Perception workshops, and we should have an effective system for identifying sites and collecting the exact kinds of data we are looking for. You who participate are an integral part of this remote perception process development.

This Sunday, 1-10-21, we will be visiting Stonehenge, and the Sunday afterward, 1-17-21, we will visit Uluru in Australia. Join us for an interesting way to develop your psychic abilities.

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