Remote Perception Workshop – Visit The Great Sphinx of Giza This Sunday

We are going to visit the spirits inhabiting the Great Sphinx this Sunday and see what we can learn from them. The Sphinx sits in front of three great pyramids and is about 4500 years old. It was almost completely buried in the early 1800s when Napoleon Bonaparte’s soldiers used it for target practice.

It has been fully excavated and repaired since then and has been the subject of many expeditions and research projects. There are reports of secret rooms in the statue and passageways beneath it but our target this Sunday will be to contact the spirits guarding the Sphinx and to learn what they have to say to us.

I will be showing slides of the sphinx and the surrounding area so you can locate where you want to place your attention. Here is a recent aerial view to give you some idea of the current state of the statue.

If you are interested in developing your ability to communicate with spirits, join us this Sunday on Zoom. We will be holding a free workshop on Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Feel free to visit the Sphinx before then and communicate with anyone you find there.

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