Workshop Notes – Remote Perception 12-27-20

This is a 550 foot deep, mile-wide impact crater formed about 50,000 years ago when a giant meteor struck the earth 19 miles west of Winslow, Arizona.

We did a remote perception workshop today in which we contacted the beings who are currently located in and around this crater.

The workshop participants included John Jasciewiz – Australia, Nolan Cage – Texas, Joachim Held – Germany, Chuy Guzman – Mexico City, Petra Held – Munich, Germany, and Alka Madan – Fremont, CA, and David St Lawrence – Cary, NC.

This was the first of several workshops designed to increase our ability to contact and communicate with spiritual beings at a distance for the purpose of gaining information about a target site and to determine what relationship the beings had with the target site.

All of the participants have demonstrated their ability to contact spirits in sessions, so this workshop used a conversational style protocol in which I would direct their attention to various points in the vicinity of the crater and would poll the group on their observations. For this first workshop, we followed a basic reach and withdraw approach, which means that the individuals in the group would place their attention where I suggested and would attempt to observe spiritual activity in that area. The expected spiritual activity included intentions, emotions, images, and numbers of spirits encountered.

Each participant was expected to place their attention in the area until something changed for them. It could be a realization, a reaction from the spirits, a communication from the spirits, or a feeling of no further progress. When any of these occurred, they would withdraw their attention and return their attention to their own location and review what had occurred. At this point, I would get them to share their observations with the group.

When the participants were sharing their observations, we all would personally get images and other confirmation of what they had observed. In this workshop, it was as if each of us had glimpsed different pieces of a giant puzzle, and as we described our observations, the pieces seemed to mesh and began to approximate a fragmented image with many pieces missing.

We did not attempt to do an exhaustive analysis of our results as we are still developing our methodology for efficiently running a remote perception event and coming up with meaningful results in an hour-long session. However, these are the observations we made, and since we did no SRT processing of the spirits in the area, these observations can probably be confirmed by the next group to visit the crater.

I asked the group if there was an overall intention regarding the formation of the crater. Our first impression was the feeling a mistake had been made. There was no overriding impression that this impact was intentional.

There was a definite impression that the meteor had arrived with spirits on it. There are still clusters of spirits deep under the impact crater. There was a layer of spirits about a third of the way up from the bottom of the crater, and they were just floating there and not doing very much.
I asked the participants to pervade the crater. To go in there and just fill that space with their attention units and see what they experienced when they did that.

One of the observers felt there was an invisible complete city from beings connected to the meteor. I got the same impression as a mental image picture.

There are spirits located in various points about the impact crater, some at the bottom and others above the rim. As I contacted different beings, I could feel my viewpoint shifting from the bottom to well above the crater.

As this was an exploratory mission, we did not try to draw too many conclusions. I encouraged everyone to give us their observations without trying to evaluate the actual sources. We are aware that our observations are augmented by the observations our personal spiritual companions are making so that when we contact a spirit, we get what the spirit communicates and also get what our personal spiritual companions are thinking. In future workshops, we will look at refining our observations so we can identify who is contributing to the final result.

One observer felt there was someone else is viewing the scene while he was observing it. Another observer felt there was a being at the bottom of the crater who was still paralyzed.

Another participant perceived a group of beings below the surface in a kind of desperate state and in the dark and not knowing what it is all about. He also spotted beings located above in the air at two-thirds of the distance from the bottom.

Almost everywhere we put our attention, we could sense beings in some state or other. You can think of this as the spiritual echoes of an event that took place 50,000 years ago. In some locations, there is still an enormous amount of unconsciousness. If we put our attention in these areas, we would immediately start yawning uncontrollably.

Most of these beings are in a static condition and would probably benefit from a visit from an SRT user. They have been parked there for 50,000 years and have data that you will find nowhere else.

We will be doing another remote perception workshop next Sunday, January 3, 2021, and you are welcome to suggest targets and questions to be asked of the spirits in the target area.

Our overall purpose is to develop a refined remote perception procedure used by any SRT user to gather data about remote locations and points of interest. At the same time, these workshops develop your telepathic ability and other spiritual perceptions we have not yet labeled.

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