Join me for a Remote Perception Workshop – Sunday December 27, 2020

Winslow Arizona – (Impact Crater from a flatbed Ford)

I will be hosting the first of three free workshops on Remote Perception on Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

We will be using an augmented Reach and Withdraw process to gather data from beings in remote locations. Do not fret if you have not used reach and withdraw processes before. I will show you how to do it and we will work together until you get confident in your ability to pervade a remote location and see what is happening there.

Once you are confident in reaching and withdrawing, I will show you some images and we will choose the locations that are easiest to reach. If you participate, you may gain some new abilities that can be very useful. This is an updated version of a remote viewing I did several years ago and I know it will give you some experiences to remember.

Participating in these workshops will strengthen your ability to use your spiritual abilities.

See you tomorrow at 12 noon.

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