Webinar 12-26-20 – Getting A Head Start on the New Year

This year of 2020 has presented some unusual barriers to getting to know new people and staying in touch with people you are fond of. So many of the social interactions we were used to were blocked by restrictions on meetings in public places. As a result, we have had a year without meeting for coffee at our local coffee shop or for drinks and dinner at nearby restaurants. Neighbors do not drop by anymore for coffee and gossip. As a result, we have severed many of the links that keep us in contact with family and friends.

This enforced isolation has affected both our mental stability and our zest for life. Our previous level of constant communication provided multiple outlets for discharging our upsets and worries, where now we must endure them with no relief at all. In the past, we could air our complaints to our patient families or to casual passers-by in the market, where now our separation by distance and masks means we can only grumble to ourselves.

It is not clear whether 2021 will provide needed relief from this undesirable situation, so I would like to propose some ideas for pulling ourselves out of the situation we find ourselves in.

The damage to our social fabric comes partly from the enforced isolation that is being forced on us but the majority of the damage is caused by our reactions to our isolation.

If we can alter our reactions to these restrictions, we can control our behavior and focus our life force on improving our conditions in life.

The first step is to bypass the restrictions on face to face meetings by stepping up our use of texting and email so that we stay in contact with friends on a daily basis.

The next step is to establish daily routines for meditation and for creative activities that provide pleasure and a sense of satisfaction. In the absence of external stimulation there is little to distract you from longstanding worries or other issues. Having a standard daily routine for improving your mental health will go a long way toward keeping you stable and focused on the more important goals in your life.

The third step is to restrict your exposure to disturbing content-free videos or messages on social media. These are specifically written to cause a sense of alarm and motivate you to be upset about something.

The fourth step is to use reach and withdraw processing on any issues which persist in disturbing you. Using caring communication and admiration in conjunction with R&W processing will quickly banish the disturbance for most situations. If you set up a routine for doing all of these steps on a daily basis you will quickly overcome the damage caused by your current isolation.

Join me tomorrow for a webinar in which I explain the underlying principles in these steps for retaining your sanity and effectiveness during these trying times. Use this link:  https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

The Webinar Donation is $10, and you can use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

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