SRT Remote Perception Explained

To avoid confusion with Coordinate Remote Viewing, CRV, as defined by its creator Paul H Smith in 1998, I will be using the term SRT Remote Perception to describe the acquiring of information from remote locations by spiritual means using Spiritual Rescue Technology.

SRT Remote Perception enables a trained person to contact spiritual beings in remote locations and gather data from them about the area, its occupants, and their intentions, attentions, distribution of life forces, emotional tone levels. It involves the use of telepathy and other abilities beyond the five human senses to communicate with spirits and can be done in a solo session or as part of a group activity.

SRT remote perception can be developed through training, but there are many people who are capable of reaching out to remote locations and perceiving what is going on at those locations. Users of Spiritual Rescue Technology are encouraged to find better ways of accomplishing communication with spirits and gathering of information from remote locations in space and from times in the past and future.

SRT Remote Perception does not bar a person from gathering data about remote locations and times by any other means they can devise. We refuse to claim that we are the sole source of knowledge on this topic.

SRT Remote Perception is not the ONE TRUE FAITH that can only be performed in a special room with appropriate forms and acknowledgment to the founders who did it this way. If you can gather information from some remote location by consulting your morning grapefruit, I would only have one question. “How can I duplicate your observation, and does it make any difference what kind of grapefruit I use?”

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we communicate with spirits, and distance has not proven to be a barrier to this communication. If we put attention on a location and look for life force in that area, we should be able to contact the beings involved if we use caring communication. Once we are in contact with the beings, we should be able to ask them to provide information about that area if we mind our manners and can coax them to respond to us. When we have done this before, the spirits we contacted were most cooperative as our communication was a welcome break in their routines.

SRT Remote Perception is an augmented form of Reach and Withdraw processing where a person puts their attention on something or someone and pervades that area until they have learned something new. They then withdraw their attention and review what they have observed and learned. This is repeated until the observer has had a realization about the person of area perceived and has experienced a release of attention or has gained an ability. When done properly, there is an increase of life force energy in the observer and possibly in the target.

In conclusion, SRT Remote Perception is a spiritual activity utilizing telepathy and other abilities beyond the five human senses to communicate with spirits in other places and times and can be done in solo sessions or as part of a group activity.

It has nothing to do with neurons, synapses, nerve cells, or left and right brain concepts, which are essential to understanding CRV Remote Viewing according to the Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual. We are highly indebted to those pioneers who made Remote Viewing a household word, and we recognize their contributions without being limited to what they were able to do and how they did it.

SRT Remote Perception is a completely spiritual activity and involves communication with spirits in distant locations and times. It can be taught, and it can also be learned as a solo activity by a dedicated student.

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