Remote Viewing Is An Exciting Ability – Use It Carefully

Some readers may feel I have been warning you away from remote viewing. I am sorry if I gave anyone that impression. Remote viewing has hundreds of applications and can even lead to a gainful occupation for those who develop their ability to find things through remote viewing.

Remote viewing connects you psychically to individuals, and in some cases, the target becomes aware that you are looking at them. This is like trying to peek in on a Zoom conference and finding yourself visible to the host.

In remote viewing, as in almost every spiritual connection, your intention is communicated to the target area and all individuals in that area.

If your intention is to achieve caring communication, that will be what the target spirits experience. If you are viewing with hostile intent, your target will pick that up also. If you are trying to spy on someone, that intention will be sensed by those in the target area also.

If your intent is to spy on aliens, I think you will find that they will pick up on your activities and may retaliate in some way. If you are truly attempting to do a friendly exchange, you may learn something useful from your remote viewing activity.

There are many different groups practicing remote viewing today. Choose the group that is aligned with your purposes. You might want to choose targets that do not pose threats to your personal safety. Otherwise, you will run into targets that view your ability to remote view their activity as trespassing. Snooping on aliens or domestic black ops groups could very well be hazardous to your health. Our government does not let us visit Area 51 or any of the other super-secret activities, so why would they allow us to snoop on their activities with remote viewing?

Remote viewing and telepathy are quite real, so why do you think that government agencies here and abroad have not already put those abilities to use? If a civilization uses advanced technology like spaceflight and mind control, snooping on their activities is not going to go unnoticed.

I suggest that you satisfy your desire to do remote viewing with targets that cannot track you down and damage you. There are plenty of targets that will provide a needed service to our civilization and may provide financial rewards if you have the skill. Consider finding lost children, missing people, sunken ships, and buried treasures. If your remote viewing abilities are up to the challenge, there are many ways to apply them.

Poking aliens or hostile government agencies is best left to those who get paid to do dangerous things. Use your remote viewing talents to help those you know and love.

If you find that you have stumbled onto a target that has left you feeling strange and uncomfortable, I can do something about that. Give me a shout, and we will set up a session to handle what has happened.

David St Lawrence

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