Webinar invitation 12-12-20 – Investigating Off-Planet Spiritual Activity

We are sequestered from the activities of the greater part of galactic activity. There is a lot going on in the greater part of this galaxy and elsewhere that makes our troubled Earth appear to be a tranquil refuge for ungovernable spirits. Being located on a prison planet may be a more fortunate circumstance than we have realized.

We have developed a technology, SRT, that lets us communicate with troubled spirits and free them from incidents that they are still trapped in. In this way, we can handle almost all of the spiritual problems we encounter in our human existence here on Earth. I think it is time we extended our reach and look at the spiritual problems we can encounter as we begin to look outside the boundaries of our planetary existence.

I have been writing about our Earth conditions for the last few years, and I think it is time we who are studying Spiritual Rescue Technology widened our viewpoints to include the spiritual problems existing in the greater part of the physical universe. We here on Earth have insanity, genocide, slavery, unrestrained rioting, and wars, but we don’t have the implant stations, theta traps, and body-in-pawn locations that exist elsewhere in the galaxy.

Those are the places where spiritual beings are trapped, indoctrinated, enslaved, and repurposed for various reasons. I and others have contacted them in many spiritual counseling sessions before we started studying SRT, and I feel we should revisit them now that alien visitations are beginning to make the news. 

I am sure there are well-organized civilizations operating in this galaxy and in other galaxies. However, the occasional contact I have had with alien beings has not given me the impression there are any civilizations I would care to be a part of at this point. The ones I encountered seem to operate on a control level equivalent to China and North Korea. I am not sure what we have to offer them at this point in our spiritual development.

I feel we could more profitably spend time investigating the installations that could be harmful to spiritual beings regaining their free will and attempting to explore the universe beyond Earth’s boundaries. These would include implant stations, theta traps, and body-in-pawn locations.

There are other installations we could investigate once we develop a reliable way of reaching and withdrawing from distant places and gaining insight into what we see. Reaching and Withdrawing is a tested method of gathering information about spirits in remote locations. Unlike remote viewing, we are contacting spirits rather than geographical details of remote locations.

There may be one or two implant stations left on Earth, but the vast majority are elsewhere. Some are located on moons and planets, and some are located in space. I still have vivid images of implant stations I contacted in my earlier auditing, and I think we should spend some time locating the ones that still exist. 

Theta traps are found on planets and in space. The purpose of these traps is to collect wandering beings and immobilize them. They serve the same functions for free spirits as bug zappers do for flying insects on Earth. I still have some clear images of these traps and would like to see if there are any operating in our solar system.

Body-in-pawn locations were the gloomiest installations I ever saw in my auditing history. Vast warehouses were full of vats holding bodies in suspension, with occasional attendants overseeing many square miles of operating vats.

I think it is highly unlikely that we will see a mass invasion of our prison planet. We will continue to see sightings, abductions, and mutilations because outside observers want to see what is happening here, but they cannot expose themselves to the insanity of the traumatized spirits infesting our planet. When a planet is used as a galactic dumping ground for wayward spirits, it becomes an object of curiosity that one cannot visit safely. If you think of us as a spiritual leper colony, you will get an idea of why we will be observed but not invaded. 

I would like to invite you to a webinar tomorrow, Saturday 12-12-20 at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 

We will be discussing the investigation of off-planet spiritual activity. If there is enough interest, I will start holding free workshops where we reach out and investigate specific target areas. We had done this successfully in the past when we knew much less than we know now. I think it is time for us to take steps in this direction and gather some new data.

The webinar donation is $10 and you can use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10 

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