Advantages of Living on a Prison Planet – Part 4

Necessary Acknowledgment: 

I hope you realize that disembodied spirits are helping me write these articles.  They provide the ideas, and I provide the words and formatting. Those of you who are trying to write articles on your own are doing it the hard way.

We had some other thoughts about our contaminated state on this planet. We have spent many millions of years with some discarnate spirits yammering at us and others attempting to advise us. The human race on this planet has evolved with spiritual noise coming from all sides and has adapted to this unfortunate circumstance. 

Some individuals have gone spiritually deaf and have adapted to ignore all but the most urgent spiritual messages. These people have joined the meat body club where physical sensation is all they can experience. Since the major reason for riding a meat body is the sensation, it is easy to forego the pleasures of telepathic intercourse for the meat body kind.

Other beings in bodies have learned to work with their discarnate brethren and lead lives that reach out of the ordinary. When their actions are acceptable to others, they are admired and often worshiped. When their actions were not acceptable to others, they were punished severely. Doing things that others can’t do creates envy and resentment. The primary difference between being punished or being worshiped is the ability to correctly estimate the effects you create. Misestimation of effect always turns out badly.

Spirits create effects on other spirits, so in a vast population of spirits there will always be a few who know how to make other spirits feel more alive. Admiration is just one of the tools that can cause a group to coalesce out of a vast undifferentiated mob. Espousing a cause that solves certain problems will always attract followers. The cause does not have to be peaceful or noble. It only has to strike sparks by meeting the needs of others. Therefore in a large group of spirits, we would expect to find many different causes and conflicts between the causes.

Beings like to be admired and recognized, so joining a group gives beings an identity if they have not already created their own. This group identity stabilizes them in an ever-changing and confusing world. This is how groups like the Boy Scouts, the Hitler Youth, and various political parties get formed. 

Similarly, beings who attach themselves to you have found themselves a group they can contribute to, and they usually stay with you until you change what you do and what activities you take part in. Some of the beings who are following you through many lifetimes are not there to advise you; they are there to get even with you for some atrocity you have visited upon them in the far distant past. You, of course, have forgotten this event because you were only following orders, but they are out to wreak vengeance on you no matter how long it takes. Since you have probably committed numerous atrocities in your infinitely long existence, you can see how some of your spiritual companions are still upset with you and are intending you to fail at every turning of the road. 

Now this state of affairs could exist on any planet, but here on Earth, there are trillions of upset beings who have never contacted you before, but they can be nursing grudges again anyone like you or anyone who is doing what you do. Let’s say you are trying to heal people. Do you think that there might be departed spirits who have a grudge against healers who failed to heal them? Or a grudge against people who tried to help them financially? The answer is that Earth is populated with discarnate spirits who have a grudge against many different kinds of people. It is truly amazing that Earth people can get anything done with the level of spiritual resentment that exists here against any change or any progress.

The only way out of this mess is to learn how to use caring communication with the spirits in your environment and to free them from the overwhelming incidents that still hold them in thrall. Spiritual Rescue Technology can give you the tools to communicate with and work with the spirits who surround you.

Just like in any prison, your survival depends on finding friends who you can depend on. Friends come with and without bodies. You just have to look for them.

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