There Are Advantages To Living On A Prison Planet – Part 3

Living on a planet populated by exiled criminals from other places has advantages that can outweigh the constraints we live under now. All of us were deemed to be criminals, and we still have the spiritual scars from that judgment and the mental coercion that accompanied the sentencing, but our isolation from the regimes that sent us here is a blessing that few will recognize.

This planet is so contaminated with discarnate (disembodied) spirits that it is unsuitable for colonization or dominion by any exterior power. Those who sent us here and those who might wish to occupy us can only observe from a distance through mechanical and telepathic surveillance. Any attempt to land personnel on this planet exposes them to the spiritual contamination that cannot be reversed by any current technology.

If you take a spiritual being and overwhelm him by force and hypnotize him sufficiently, he will no longer be able to operate a body or even function as a free spirit. Advanced civilizations tend to develop these technologies in an effort to control those individuals who will not conform to the rules and regulations of that society. However, even when you have trapped and immobilized a spiritual being, it is dangerous to keep him around as he can still influence others telepathically. You need to find an isolated place from which it cannot escape. You need a distant dumping ground like the remote planet Earth, which is far away on an arm of the galaxy.

You may wonder how such a being can be a danger to society when reduced to a helpless fragment of life force. It isn’t his ability to create effects in the physical universe that makes him dangerous; it is his ideas! These beings sent to Earth have ideas that are poison to any orderly society. They exhibit free will, and they shun regimentation. They will continue to communicate and infect normal citizens with wild ideas that will cause trouble for a properly regimented society. They are a continual source of CHANGE and that will destabilize almost any society that has plans for thousands of years.

The only solution these advanced space-faring civilizations have come up with is to find a common dumping ground and put all of us malcontents in one place. They did not agree on much and may even have been enemies, but the convenience of having a giant dumping ground for their undesirables instead of many individual prisons made Earth an ideal solution. They were following the same rules used by the hero of Alice’s Restaurant when he decided that one big pile of litter was better than several small piles of litter. If you have ever done an analysis of the origins of the spirits found on Earth you will find that we come from many different civilizations. When and if we ever get back to roaming through space, we will probably find that our reputation as Earth people has already gone before us, and we won’t be welcome anywhere unless we show that we have become socially acceptable.

Our isolation gives us the chance to innovate and discover ways to rehabilitate ourselves spiritually. In the last hundred years or so, we have made strides in understanding our spiritual nature, and in the last ten years, we have developed ways to quickly rehabilitate individual spirits and groups of spirits so they actually regain the willingness and ability to run human bodies again. Discarnate spirits and spirits running bodies are just exhibiting different levels of life force. We are all spiritual beings, living thoughts, and it appears now that we can increase the ability of any spirit through SRT processing and increase their contribution to life on this planet and elsewhere.

We have already created some effect, however tiny, with our efforts to rehabilitate spirits. In one session a few years ago, a being was quite interested in what we were doing here on Earth. He said they saw beings back home who had been exiled here, and they seem to have been rehabilitated. He wanted to know how we were doing that.

The bottom line is that our isolation from the rigidity of galactic civilization gives us an opportunity to develop spiritual technologies, which we could not do elsewhere. Let us take advantage of the time we have.

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