Treating Spiritual Afflictions

Spiritual unrest is a very real thing and there are many ways to calm this down without providing a permanent solution. Meditation, medication, self-administered recreational drugs, massage, and ritual exercises all provide temporary relief from spiritual unease and the body problems that stem from this affliction. The only permanent relief from a spiritual injury is to find and release the afflicted spirits from the incidents that have trapped their attention and rendered them helpless.

There are many, many ways to meditate and focus your attention so that you can accomplish a desired result on a temporary basis. If these methods do not deal permanently with the sources of your distractions, they are but temporary band-aids placed on a permanent source of infection.

You do not have to read, understand, or use Spiritual Rescue Technology to lead a happy and productive life. SRT just happens to be the fastest way to understand and deal with the insanities of modern life and to restore your ability to control your body and your future.

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