More Thoughts About Havingness – Part 2

Havingness: the concept of being able to reach. By havingness, we mean owning, possessing, being capable of commanding, taking charge of objects, energies, and spaces. 

Our research indicates that we were far more able to create effects in the distant past than we are now. We are spiritual beings having human experiences. We have descended from exhibiting godlike powers in the far distant past to barely getting out of our own way at the current time. Our spiritual powers are almost absent except among the very few who are still able to operate beyond the five human senses. This means that our ability to go from pure intention to final result is limited to those few who can make dreams happen at will.

Out of the billions of people on this planet, there are perhaps a few thousand who are capable of changing our civilizations. Most of the rest are content to follow orders without questioning them. Then there are the trillions of spirits who are not up to having a human body and exist as living things of a different order. Every living thing on this planet is occupied by spirits. Every animal, every tree, and every blade of grass are animated by spirits. Anything that has life force is animated by spirits, and some people actually can recognize their kinship to all living things and can communicate with these spirits.

So what makes the difference between a spirit animating a body and the spirits animating wild animals and plant life? I say the difference between these spirits is their havingness level. Some spirits can have a human body, while others are only willing to be a giraffe or a geranium. Going even further, some beings can only accept being a cell in a living body or animating a bacterium. If something is alive, it has spirits animating every cell of it, so how does this hierarchy of spiritual activity come about?

Unless you want to postulate a complete hierarchy of spiritual beings at the beginning of time, I think the more likely story is that spirits descend from an all-knowing and all-powerful state to their current spectrum of powerful individuals down to those spirits animating slime molds. All are alive, but their current state is a reflection of their ability to reach and own, possess, command, and take charge of objects, energies, and spaces.

So how does this descent take place, and is it still in effect? What causes a being to cut its reach? How does a powerful godlike being become a homeless derelict or a vegetable? What is the mechanism that makes a spiritual being become reduced to animating a kidney or a rose bush?

I think it is a long series of overt acts that cause unintended effects. A spiritual being can attempt to control or destroy something and can be overwhelmed by the result. This will cause him to retreat and limit his willingness to reach or create. A spiritual being can desire to help someone or something and be attacked for doing so. His intention did not predict the result of his action. 

In the past, an overt act has been considered to be a misestimation of effort. I think a more encompassing definition would be an overt act occurs when there is a misestimation of effect.

A being attempts to help a person or group, and the result of this help is a lessening of survival of the person or group, so he feels he has failed. Enough repetitions of this failed help will cause the being to withdraw from helping others. This can extend into failure to help oneself. The being gradually descends from knowing cause to unknowing effect, and this can be expressed as his havingness level. It is also known as the dwindling spiral of life. 

There is also the state of a being who has lost a body through traumatic circumstances and is no longer willing to pick up and animate a body. These discarnate spirits are often referred to as ghosts or spirit guides, depending on their level of activity. They still think of themselves as human but are not willing to take on the responsibility of running a body and caring for a family. Their havingness level is not high enough for that task.

In SRT sessions, we free spirits from the incidents they are stuck in and attempt to return them to the point where they can start a new life. We increase their life force through these sessions, but we have not been focusing on increasing their havingness. Their life force increases because we have recovered attention units which have been trapped in painful incidents. We need to work on methods of handling the many decisions that have been made to limit their havingness.

When a being considers that he has done something wrong, he limits his reach. Getting the being to revisit these agreements and unmaking the decisions may offer a permanent way to increase havingness. More work needs to be done in this area, but it could result in major gains in ability and creativity for those who wish to expand their reach.

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