SRT Webinar 11-28-20 – Revisiting The Topic Of Havingness

Ignorance of this topic results in people leaving SRT after receiving excellent sessions.

One definition of Havingness goes like this: Havingness: the concept of being able to reach. By havingness, we mean owning, possessing, being capable of commanding, taking charge of objects, energies, and spaces. Now, this is a technical definition and is quite correct, but I would like to give you a definition that might be more real to you.

This alternate definition of havingness may be one which you can work with and use to improve the results of your SRT processing:

Your havingness level determines how much of something good 

you can allow yourself to have 

before you start feeling uncomfortable with it,

thinking it’s too good to be true, impossible, etc. 

I would like to share something with you that you will not find elsewhere. 

Your havingness level is determined by the state of your spiritual companions.

There are lots of changes that your spiritual companions are not willing to experience.

This is why some of you never seem to experience a slump after a great session, and others are barely through with the session before you have second thoughts about what you just experienced. 

Setting beings free from the traps they have been in for eons produces a rush like no other. The freed beings are happy, and so are you for discovering and handling what has kept them from being themselves. Their joy at finding themselves awake and free again is contagious, and everyone associated with the session feels a level of joy that has to be experienced to be believed. After all, you have done something incredible that very few people are able to do. You have freed a spiritual being from a trap that has been holding him for many thousands of years. This is something to celebrate as you have just made the world into a better place.

However, for some individuals, as soon as the freed beings have left for their new destination, a sense of gloom comes over the individual along with some of these uncomfortable thoughts; 

  • It will take years to handle all of these beings!
  • This will cost me too much money.
  • How do I know this will fix my problem with _______?
  • I will be at this for years.
  • I can’t afford to do this.
  • This might be dangerous if I encounter beings I can’t handle.
  • Let’s wait and see if the problems go away by themselves.
  • It’s so much work!
  • I don’t see how this process made much difference. I don’t feel so good right now.
  • It seems like the good feeling is gone already.

By the way, this emotional slump can occur with any kind of counseling or medical treatment. It is due to the fact that you have spiritual companions who are stuck in losses or past failures, and what you just did stirred them up. So, your session that freed a bunch of happy beings and set them free actually stirred up other beings who were not participating in the session. Since they are intimately connected to you, and you feel their emotions, you get a blast of their disappointment and sense of loss when the sessions ends, and they did not benefit.

This can probably happen in solo sessions as well as in regular SRT counseling sessions, so you should be aware that a drop in tone level at the end of a session is not a failure of the session; it is a result of unhandled spiritual beings expressing their loss.

I have written about this before, but I now realize that this is probably the main reason why people embrace SRT and exhibit personal improvement but eventually drift away to find something that doesn’t leave them with a lower tone level after sessions.

This is especially true for people who are gloomy when they come to us. They get a session and actually laugh and come up to enthusiasm during the session, and slump down to disinterest or below at the end of the session. 

If the counselor does not spot what is going on and engage the client in conversation in what is going on, the client can leave feeling depressed and not come back.

Talking to the client and setting expectations before the session will help to keep them communicating with you when this happens. If the counselor is prepared for this slump in tone level and prepared to handle it, the client will be prepared to do some remedies for their lowered tone level. 

We will be discussing this phenomenon and how to make sure you and your clients do not get affected by the beings who get restimulated but not handled in session.

Join me on Saturday 11-28-20 at 12 noon EDT for a webinar on the topic of havingness and how to increase it, so you don’t lose clients through SRT processing.

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