Webinar 11-14-20 – Going Free Beats Getting Even

This webinar will discuss the necessity of going free and how trying to get even for past injuries traps you and diminishes your life force.

We are heading into a period where millions of lives will be affected by changes in government. Whenever power changes hands, there is the possibility of abuse and punishment for those who are no longer in power. Most nations, including the US, have a history of peaceful transition of power but cultural changes can wipe out that history in a few short years. We may be looking forward to a time when those who supported the current president will be treated as criminals deserving of punishment.

If you get your news from social media you may find yourself confused, and that is because the media no longer reports the news. It promotes a particular viewpoint instead and will adjust the facts to suit the narrative they are pushing. It has gotten to the point where if you read about something that a person has done, you need to get at least two original sources to have any confidence that the story is true.

Those of you who have been in a cult or similar organization will know about slanted news and false data, as these are the tools used to keep members in line and to prevent them from straying. If you leave a cult like Scientology, you are treated like a criminal and many steps will be taken to bring you to financial and social ruination. Until you sever your connections with Scientology completely, you will be subject to their peculiar ideas of justice.

If you have any connection to a university these days you have probably been exposed to their ideas of diversity training which tends to be more racist and anti-social than anything which has gone before. If you are not vocal in support of whatever ism is being pushed these days, you are in for a heap of trouble. Silence is no longer acceptable, you have to say the right words with the right amount of enthusiasm. If this reminds you of Chinese Communism, it is because this current university attitude comes from the same source. You will behave as ordered or you will be punished.

Whether you are looking forward to an election disaster, fleeing a cult, or trying to get a university education, you are being exposed to some heavily restimulative activity and your health and well-being will suffer if you do not prepare for it. Times of great unrest will stir up long buried memories and can render you helpless in the face of the group insanity that occurs.

This is the time for you to address your unease and handle every bit of fear and resentment toward the crumbling of civilized values. You need to be able to remain calm in the face of the insanity that is exploding all around us and that is only possible when you are in good communication with your spiritual companions.

Your spiritual companions are capable of holding steady in the face of dangerous insanity if you work with them and establish patterns of behavior that will maintain your integrity under threatening situations. You need to anticipate what can be used against you and strengthen your spiritual resources to deal with them. You will also need to anticipate different outcomes and be prepared to act in a way that maintains your personal integrity.

If you are prepared and have allied yourself with the right companions, you may be able to influence the outcomes so all goes well. If you understand what you are facing and are prepared for the worst that can happen, you will survive to try again some time in the future. Making good use of your spiritual resources will ensure that you come out of this able to create a future worth looking forward to.

Join me Saturday 11-14-20 at 12 noon on Zoom using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

The Webinar Donation is $10 and you can use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

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