Pure Speculation

Have you ever woke up feeling out of sorts and were unable to spot what was going on? 

This happened to me recently, and I am a spiritual counselor whose professional life depends on being able to spot what is causing mysterious ailments or feelings to appear and handling the spiritual beings who are generally behind anything out of the ordinary. So it was very frustrating to go for an entire day feeling sub-par and not being able to see anything I could recognize as a spiritual influence!

This morning, I woke up, and the grumpy, out of sorts feeling persisted, so I decided to take a nap and see if more rest might help me sort things out. 

During this nap, I experienced a lucid dream in which I could clearly see that I and others were being manipulated by large, invisible, prawn-like creatures from another dimension. They would settle themselves over our bodies and would dampen our normal responses to external stimulation but were not able to actually control our bodies, just our responses to stimuli. Somehow these alien creatures did not register as the usual kind of spiritual beings, and I did not seem to be able to communicate with them. This gave me the helpless feeling that so many dream sequences do where disaster looms, and you are helpless to do anything about it.

After an interminable time watching these creatures and being unable to do anything about them, I started getting information from my spiritual companions about ways to block them from getting through to this dimension. This was a most unusual lucid dream as I was an observer, and my spiritual companions were giving me advice on handling these alien creatures while actually showing me how it could be done.

They were using a curse or chant to bar the aliens from entering our dimension. I was waking up at this time and got the idea that it was not a universal remedy. If used when these aliens appear, the phrase will stop them from bothering the person who uses the curse. I saw them using the phrase and watched the aliens disappear from view each time it was said. 

I thought about this as I woke up, and I said the phrase myself and found myself laughing for the first time in days. The language is not any earth language I recognize, so I can only give you the phonetic equivalent of what I heard. The phrase that banished these alien creatures and their depressing effects on me was, “Ig Nae Forsitsch”

There were other words used later, which I was not able to capture, but the meaning I got from these later words was “and stay away!”

The reason I am sharing this experience is that our exploration of the spiritual realm is nowhere complete and every new piece of information seems to fit in somewhere once we look at it enough. We have been doing a credible job of handling spirits in this dimension, and we have learned that there are no questions we cannot ask and no limit on what we can discover. If these prawn-like creatures can influence me and others, who knows what else is out there?

This experience has opened me up to spiritual phenomena I have not seen before and made me willing to know even more. If you run into these prawn-like creatures and find that “Ig Nae Forsitsch” does not make them vanish, try communicating with them and see what happens.

One of the things I noticed was that they did not seem to show any emotions. They may have been some form of advanced Artificial Intelligence system, in which case “Ig Nae Forsitsch” may have been a command phrase.

Anyone with a similar experience is welcome to chime in.

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