Yes, You Can Make More Money Using A Spiritual Approach

There are many reasons you are not earning the kind of money you could be earning, and some are due to spiritual factors that are mysteriously holding you back.

But, just in case you are being held back by the ordinary barriers to prosperity let me list them so you can check them off your list.

  1. You do not have or produce anything to exchange for money.
  2. You are not trained to do anything useful.
  3. You never realized that exchanging in abundance is the surest route to business success.
  4. You have never learned how to make friends.
  5. You do not know what a budget is and how to manage your money.
  6. You have a drug or alcohol habit that is consuming most of your income.
  7. You are in a relationship with someone who has some or all of the characteristics in 1-6 above.

Let us say that none of the above apply and that you are gainfully employed at less than your full capacity. You show up for work reliably, and you are able to do your job, but there is little room for advancement. You manage to pay your bills most of the time, and you scrape by for years waiting for something to happen, but nothing does. You work hard, but you never seem to get ahead. You read some self-help books and change jobs, but you are still not working at your full capacity and getting the rewards you seek.

You try to achieve self-actualization by living your life with purpose and authenticity and showing concern for others, but you are still not making the money you feel you should be making. What have you missed?

You try various self-help organizations and learn to meditate and visualize success. You check out Bob Frissell, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Napoleon Hill, James Arthur Ray, Zig Zigler, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and others with varying degrees of success. You may also try Scientology, EST, Avatar, Eckankar, and other groups in an effort to attain mastery over your spiritual nature.

If any of these approaches work, congratulate yourself, and enjoy your financial success. 

If you are still looking for answers after all of this searching, you might want to try Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT), which helps you deal directly with your spirit guides and other spiritual beings who affect you daily. The reason that SRT works so effectively is that you are an immortal spiritual being, and you have made a few mistakes that are still dogging you today.

You might well ask why mistakes made in past lives bother you today? Essentially because you are basically a good being and past mistakes will haunt you even if you have done a great job of trying to forget them. Additionally, you are surrounded by many spiritual beings who are still trying to get even with you for your past mistakes. These beings affect every transaction you have with people today, and if they are sufficiently upset with you, they will make other people feel you are not trustworthy. 

The bottom line is that you can be haunted by all of the beings you have wronged in your past lives. 

That is a severe punishment that can easily be handled by Spiritual Rescue Technology processing. These beings are not demonic, just angry, and do not qualify for Exorcism, as is still done in the Catholic church.

If you are trying to start a new business and things are just not working out for you and people are just not giving you the benefit of the doubt anywhere, even though you are taking great pains to be honest and straight, you may be the effect of actions you took in a past life. Your unpaid creditors, abandoned children, starved tenant farmers, and slaughtered rebellious populations do come back to haunt you in an effort to get even. The fact that you did these deeds for the best of reasons at the time does not save you from their wrath.

SRT processing frees these unhappy beings from the incidents they are stuck in, and you get relief from the tragic mistakes you made in the past. Since you did this more than once, it will take more than one session to free all of your troubled beings and restore your ability to make money freely. This processing also clears up the false data you had, which caused you to make these mistakes in the first place, and you can face the future safe in the knowledge you will not repeat the mistakes and errors of the past.

If you are willing to explore the idea you are an immortal being and would like to clean up your act, this counseling will give you a fresh start in life. You can see if it feels right for you in a free interview. 

Call or text me at 540-320-6852 to set up an online interview on Zoom.

David St Lawrence

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