Spiritual Beings I have Observed In Sessions

I have been writing about spirits for many years, but recently Chuck Stewart and Norman Little started asking questions that showed me I should have collected what I have observed about spirits into a handy bundle that anyone could refer to and use for making predictions about spiritual behavior. Thanks for the nudge, guys.

The life force and awareness of spiritual beings seem to depend on how overwhelmed they are by painful incidents causing death and unconsciousness. Since you all have a collection of spiritual beings surrounding and following you, these descriptions will apply to some of the beings in your personal collection. This is not a complete set but should give you an appreciation of what you are dealing with as a spirit running a human body.

1. The being with the highest awareness is hopefully you. You should be the spirit-in-charge who presents your main personality to the world and takes responsibility for your body and for your identity and its reputation. There will be times when other spiritual beings will take over, but in the main, you are in charge, and you are the personality we associate with your body.

2. There are a group of spiritual beings who have been with you for a very long time. Some of these beings act as hidden co-pilots because they step in and take over when something causes you (spirit-in-charge) to lose control. If you have ever found yourself shouting angrily when someone does something stupid and upsets you, this is a sign that your normal calm responses are not adequate to handle the upset you feel. These hidden copilots are not always angry; they can be totally calm in the face of danger or injury. Their main characteristic is that they are always ready to come to your aid when you are being threatened.

3. There are other spirits who are always awake, and their function seems to be to act as monitors or advisors. These are the spirits who provide the voices in your head. From their viewpoint, they are helping you, but their help is generally in the direction of stopping you from trying new things.

4. There are spirits who are definitely trying to stop you, and they are the source of most of the counter-intention in your life. At some time in the distant past, you killed them in a way they consider to be despicable, and they are still trying to get even. When you discover what you did and tell them why you had to do it, they will usually stop bothering you.

5. You will also find deceased family members in your collection of spirits. These relatives are usually looking after you and helping you unless you did something bad to them, and in that case, they may be haunting you and using their counter-intentions to block every positive thing you try to do. It is amazing how often grandparents desire to look after their grand-kids and attempt to guide them through life.

6. You may have a walk-in among your collection of spirits. In fact, YOU may be a walk-in! They are more common than you will believe. When a body is badly damaged, or a person has had an overdose of drugs or alcohol, the spirit-in-charge occasionally panics and leaves the body. This provides an excellent opportunity for a helpful spirit to slide in and take the place of the spirit-in-charge. This happens most frequently in hospitals where serious operations are performed, but it can happen at accident sites, or anywhere a spirit can be overwhelmed by what is happening to his body. The walk-in pretends to be the personality who was running the body and tries to fit into the family. The more aware members of the family, like the children, may notice that Uncle Ned is different, but others may not take notice.

7. Serious illnesses and astral traveling with or without drugs provide an opportunity for a spirit to take over a body and the interesting thing about this is that the new spirit may not be aware of his previous status once he picks up the new body. He may have the same amnesia that most spirits have when they pick up a body at birth. I do not have a complete reason for the amnesia between lives, but it may be a protective measure to give the person a fresh start in their new life. New parents might have steep expectations for their baby if they knew who he was in his last lifetime.

8. Some spirits are bound into groups we call clusters. They were subjected to some horrific experience as a group, and they died together with their attention on the same exact thing. They are still fixated on that incident, and that is the vision or image that we see when we attempt to communicate with them. They are still holding on to the pain and unconsciousness, and if these clusters are located within your body, they become a source of mysterious aches and pains and fears that do not respond to medical treatment. They are triggered whenever you read or see something that approximates the sensations or perceptions of the original overwhelming incident. In counseling sessions, it is not unusual to find clusters of spirits with memories of Auschwitz, Treblinka, and other camps. Every disaster, whether natural or planned, seems to produce clusters of beings trapped in time by an overwhelming experience. The sinking of the Titanic and the bombing of Hiroshima produced similar clusters of beings. The spirits I encountered from Atlantis were mostly found as clusters.

9. Clusters of spirits can be created whenever groups of people died together, but the awareness of the beings in the cluster depends on the force these beings endured during the incident. I have seen clusters formed from vehicle crashes as well as clusters formed from planets exploding. I had also seen clusters formed when populations were disposed of on Earth by dropping them into volcanoes and setting off nuclear bombs to attempt to destroy them. This series of incidents, called Incident 2 by Scientology, is just one of many attempts by certain advanced civilizations to get rid of mutinous or disobedient citizens. They had learned that killing a person did not get rid of him because all spirits are immortal. Their solution, which appears again and again, is to bind beings into clusters so they could not recover. However, many spiritual counselors have learned that recovery of consciousness is possible, even for beings so mistreated.

10. Some people have the idea that only human beings can have spirits. That is a complete crock because spirits are everywhere you can detect life force. All living things have some spirit animating them, and you can tell by examining their life force. Every blade of grass has life force until it leaves, and the plant becomes dead material. Our bodies are made up of living cells with all sorts of living parts to them. Each and every living part has a spiritual component that responds to admiration, if not verbal communication. If you would like to test this, I suggest you find something to admire in your body, and you will find that it responds by feeling better.

11. Not all spirits are awake and following your activity with interest. Many are totally unconscious and seem to exist in your body or surrounding space as inert masses. When you put your attention on these masses, it will seem as though there is something there that blocks your ability to put attention in that space. A practitioner who can perceive spirits and spiritual masses can wake these inert spirits up using caring communication and a spiritual process involving placing and removing attention on the mass. This is not exorcism; it is an effort to reestablish communication with someone who has gone out of communication with other life. I have developed a technology that can restore any spirit in any state or condition to a higher level of activity and awareness. This Spiritual Rescue Technology has been used for the last ten years to help people recover from mental and physical conditions that modern medicine and psychiatry cannot touch.

12. Last but not least, you are a spiritual being having a human experience because you are reading this article. There are trillions of spirits having non-human experiences, and you might want to get acquainted with them and understand your kinship to them. Many of the spirits who do not currently have bodies wore bodies in the distant past, and they have experiences you can tap if you learn to communicate with them. Those people who know they have helpful spirits and use them for their advice and counsel do very well in life.

Those who choose to ignore their spiritual companions often complain about the voices in their heads. Those who take mood-altering drugs to shut off the voices and the emotions of their spiritual companions risk their sanity and their health because the drugs render them deaf to the spirits, but do not protect them from the actions of the spirits. Mood-altering drugs merely dull the signals from disturbed spirits; they do not resolve the issues. These drugs disable your spiritual alarms but do not handle the underlying spiritual issues. Disabling your fire alarm stops that noisy clanging but does little to stop the fire that is setting the alarm off.

If you learn to think of your spiritual companions as a spiritual resource, you are on your way to make use of their spiritual power to augment your own. It will open the door to increasing your productivity and enjoyment of life.

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