Suppressed Communication Suppresses Your Life Force – Part 3

My perceptive friend Petra Held-Zhao found many other aspects of suppressed communication that could be explored.

  1. For example, it starts in the family with secrets, where the children are admonished not to blab everything out.
  2. In the workplace, employees are made to keep quiet about company secrets, often very generally, so that one does not know what exactly is meant. In addition, the rumor mill often reveals things about employees that do not belong in public.
  3. In partnerships and marriages, information is exchanged about the company or employees that should not normally be made public.
  4. And finally, do you keep secrets or suppress communication from yourself? This could be the most difficult thing to face.
  5. Have you kept secrets from humanity? That is very likely, with an existence of many lifetimes there will be something that is still being hidden from others.
  6. You can go through the eight or more dynamics and find out that there is something that belongs to suppressed communication.
  7. And last but not least: Have you concealed things from a counselor who has been trying to help you.

I will venture to say that every case of suppressed communication was fully justified when it was first conceived. But since secrecy is invoked to hide some action that others would not approve of, the acceptance of the need for secrecy always destroys the trust that others have in you.

I would not be surprised if suppressed communication is the reason we elect to adopt amnesia between lives. There were things we did and said that do not align with a new human existence and we decide to give ourselves a fresh start.

If we receive counseling that lets us remember the things we did and our justifications for doing them, we achieve a state where we are now free to communicate with anyone on any subject. The only reason this state is not stable is if we have spiritual companions who need the same counseling. If we free ourselves from the need to keep secrets, we also need to free our spiritual companions from that need also.

It is possible to reach a state where one is able to discuss anything at all, and the only reason for suppressing communication is when the communication would do more harm to someone than concealing the information. In this instance, withholding communication does the person no harm and does not affect is life force.

When the other person is able to receive the communication without being harmed, one is able to share the information without being harmed oneself.

Suppressed communication affects your life force, even if it is a laudable withholding of information. If you can manage to achieve open communication with everyone around you, you will be in much better shape as a spiritual being.

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