Suppressed Communication Suppresses Your Life Force

Your Life Force is a barometer of your vitality as a spiritual being. When you are doing well, you radiate life force and you bring life to all beings you are in communication with. They become more alive and the bodies they are running do better also.

When you allow someone to diminish your life force, your vitality as a being drops and your life signs diminish also. There are many ways you can act so that others will attack you and most of these can be summarized as failing to act in harmony with others.

There is another way to suppress your life force and that is to get into a situation where you have to suppress your communication. By that, I mean that you feel your communication about something will harm yourself or others. This can come about quite innocently, through no action of your own, but if you do not handle it, the situation can have really bad long-term effects on your life.

There are many ways this can come about, but the most common is when you are friends with two people or groups who know each other well and you are exposed to information about one of them that you feel you cannot communicate to the other. This puts you in a difficult situation because no matter what you decide, you may compromise your own integrity.

Let’s take a simple example where you are part of a group of friends and one gets upset with the rest of the group for some reason that you do not understand. You wish to remain friends with her and with the rest of the group because you do not share her upset. By refusing to choose sides, you have put yourself in an uncomfortable position which will only get worse with time, because you will keep receiving communication from each side that you cannot share with the other.

No matter how much you care for each side, you will no longer be able to be open with either side and this affects your ability to communicate easily with either of them. This suppresses your life force and your enthusiasm and both sides will feel you are withholding information from them, even if you are careful not to say anything about what is going on.

The only way to preserve your sanity is to maintain open communication with both sides and act as a mediator as long as both sides allow you to do this. A good mediator will not allow themselves to be burdened with information they cannot reveal to the other side. A mediator has to take the position of being totally neutral and should tell anyone wishing to share information about the other side that they will make sure it is repeated. A mediator makes sure that both sides communicate openly to the other until the difference is resolved.

If you do not wish to assume the role of mediator, listen to both sides and decide which side you will support and sever communication with the other side. You will lose some friends that way, but you will not be compromising your integrity.

The sanest way to handle this kind of situation is to understand that when good people are unable to come to a resolution of their difficulties, there is always a hidden third party stirring things up. In the past, this third party was assumed to be some unknown individual spreading rumors and slander about one of the people involved. That is why Mother-In-Laws were a convenient third party suspect.

Students of Spiritual Rescue Technology realize that our spiritual companions perform the function of hidden third parties and inject discord between two people and estrange them with no other humans around. There is even an Axiom in SRT that describes this activity:

Axiom13 – People can disagree with you about anything, but their disagreement will be rational unless upset spiritual beings are involved.

If two people or groups are unable to be reconciled and no third person or group is visible, look for spiritual interference from the spirit guides of those involved. Spirits hold long term grudges for injuries received many lifetimes ago. Locating and handling those hidden grudges with SRT processing will resolve the difficulties and immediately restore the ability to communicate freely.

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