What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part Four

It may appear that I am taking the long way around in getting to our next human experience, but the inescapable truth is that unless we really know what is going on in our current human experience, we have no chance of changing it in some realistic way.

The basic truth of our existence, which is known by very few people at this point, is that we are surrounded by and affected by disembodied spiritual beings who are as alive as we are, with the exception that they do not have bodies of their own. Furthermore, some of these beings have been with us for thousands of years and are so closely connected to us that they have forgotten they are separate beings. These beings make up our personality and act as personality segments when they are moved to take action.

If you have a well-integrated personality, your spiritual companions are used to working in harmony with each other as a well-drilled team. However, each of these spiritual beings has a unique history with unique experiences, good and bad. This means that exposure to environmental influences, threats, danger, whatever, will cause different reactions in these different beings. This is why you may find yourself unexpectedly crying at some poignant passage in a book when you didn’t expect that reaction. Your collection of beings is also responsible for allergic reactions and unexpected likes or dislikes. 

Those who learn to communicate with their spiritual companions find them to be a powerful source of inspiration and abilities. Each of these beings has a history similar to your own except that something has occurred in the distant past, which has made them unable or unwilling to take on the responsibility for owning a body. They find satisfaction in acting as consultants or spirit guides for someone who is running a body.

Most of the time, these spirits are acting in helpful ways, but occasionally they are acting to get revenge for some past misdeed you have forgotten long ago. In almost every case, learning to communicate with your spiritual companions pays huge dividends in getting their cooperation and advice. Reading the three Spiritual Rescue Technology books will give you the knowledge you need to work with your spirits and get their assistance when you need it. 

Your spiritual companions have a wealth of knowledge in many fields, and gaining an ability to communicate with them daily can increase your ability to new things you have never done before. It is truly amazing how many talented beings are available to you. Some of these beings will be your ancestors who have decided to guide you, while others are kindred spirits who joined you because of what you have been doing.

If you are practicing kindness and compassion for your spiritual companions, there is no limit to what you can accomplish with their help. Recognizing their help and acknowledging them for it will ensure that they will continue to support you as long as you are doing what interests them.

If you recognize that you are leading a group of spirits, who are bound to you only by their interest in what you are doing, you might take a good look at how you manage them for best results. They are self-organizing, bound to you only by their interests in you and what you are doing, and they pick up your thoughts and communicate with each other telepathically. They may be much smarter than you think, but they will not always be happy campers because of their past painful experiences. If you communicate with them with kindness and compassion, you will rehabilitate them, and they will return the favor by helping you in many ways you will not expect.

As long as you cultivate a viewpoint of yourself as a leader of a group of spirits and manage them, so they operate in a harmonious fashion, you will be using their abilities in the most effective way. Once they learn to trust you, they will provide a running thread of information and advice which will make life much easier and more enjoyable. You will find that you can give them problems to solve or designs to work out, and they will go away and come back later with solutions that you can immediately put to use.

When I wish to write an article, I discuss the overall idea with them, and they will come back with all kinds of suggestions on what to present and how to present it for the desired effect. These spirits give me the ability to work on several things at once as they operate as a spiritual multiprocessor.

Working with spirits sharpens my telepathic ability and opens the door to new opportunities because I encourage them to make suggestions when they see an opportunity I am not taking advantage of. As a result, they are invested in making this human experience as pleasant and stimulating as possible because they share in the products of this human existence we are creating.

There is one thing I have not mentioned, and that is the tendency of spirits to change allegiances as circumstances change. Spirits like to do things that interest them and challenge them. As you move through yur human experience, there are interesting activities that you discard for one reason or another. You will find that you will lose the skills to do those activities once your spiritual companions realize you are not going to do them anymore. When they are interested in what you are doing, they contribute all sorts of abilities to your actions. When they leave, the activity no longer seems interesting, and you may not even remember how to do them well. At different times in my life, I played the piano fairly well, taught myself to play the guitar, taught myself to ski, and taught myself to sail and cruised the coast of Massachusetts. I can barely remember these activities now, although I really enjoyed all of them when I was doing them.

On the other hand, I struggled through college lectures and gained a degree but little else than social skills. After college, I taught myself to design computers and other electronic systems and made a good living as a design engineer in many different companies. None of the technology I used in corporate life was taught at my university. Once I started my spiritual research, I began to understand why some projects came easy, and others were tedious drudgery.

With increasing spiritual awareness, I found it easy to start companies to produce products or sale and then found that spiritual counseling was the most satisfying work for my spiritual companions and for me. We have finally reached a point where we are interested in exploring the options open to us in creating a new human experience. 

In the next part of this article, we hope to explore what kinds of human experience we are interested in and what options they provide. It seems that the composition of the team will depend on what choices we make for our next human experience.

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