What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part Three

An essential step in planning for our next human experience is to fully understand what we are doing in this human existence. I have mentioned the possession of a body to maximize sensations, but I have not described our spiritual abilities that let us assume mastery of human and other bodies and why we are currently operating as meat bodies with no real future.

We are essentially living thoughts with many abilities but no mass, energy, time, or space. Our apparent location in space and time is determined by our considerations. We appear to be immortal and have abilities that we have forgotten. Our past ability to create effects in the material universe appears to have been unlimited based on the memories we have recovered in research sessions. However, our current abilities are such a small fraction of our original abilities that it is no wonder we think we are but meat bodies trying to survive in a hostile world.

I am not going to describe our spiritual abilities in detail as I have written three books about these abilities and how they can be improved. You can find these books on Amazon.com, and the titles are, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology, Using Spiritual Rescue Technology, and Talking To Spirits.

I am going to share what I have found from thousands of conversations with spirits, and that is how spirits have fallen from godlike powers to living thoughts imprisoned in a human or other body. The cause is so obvious once you see it, and yet this IS the major reason that most of life is experiencing a dwindling spiral.

 It is vitally important to show kindness and compassion to all living things, 

including spiritual beings as well!

Failing to understand the need for kindness and compassion toward ALL living beings will cause a person to self-destruct over time as he unwittingly creates opponents as a result of his interactions with other beings in life.

When you create an opponent, you create counter intention toward your future survival. When you have created enough opponents, every goal in your life is opposed by someone, and you begin to fail in life and eventually live in fear and a constant state of paranoia.

If you do not learn to live in harmony with the spiritual beings who populate this universe, you are dooming yourself to a dwindling spiral of life. Everything in the material universe is created by intentions in the spiritual universe. If your actions are unwittingly creating intentions in opposition to yours, you will find that nothing works as you intend it to. 

Showing kindness and compassion for all living things is a philosophy that has been expressed by many men and women over the span of history. These words have been credited to Buddha and many others, and the idea is as vital today as ever. This philosophy is not just a nice idea. It is the only way that anyone can guarantee their personal and spiritual survival because all living things include spiritual beings as well as human beings and all members of the animal and vegetable kingdoms.

People who refuse to show compassion for all living things tend to end up badly, and their final days are spent hiding from those who are “out to get them.” (Some of you may recall the final days of L Ron Hubbard, for example.)

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we learn that spiritual beings respond to kindness and compassion, which is only natural as they are as alive as we are, even if they do not inhabit bodies. We also learned that we are constantly surrounded by these spiritual beings who do not currently have bodies. People who recognize the spirits around them and work in harmony with them do much better in life and almost seem to be “blessed.” People who ignore or fight with the spirits around them live rather miserable lives, and they seem to be “cursed” as life is full of unexpected failures, health problems, and other difficulties like failures to form loving relationships.

Failure to understand that spirits are living beings can cause serious problems for those who would seek spiritual powers at the expense of the spirits who surround them. There are many spiritual practices that attempt to give a person enhanced abilities and extraordinary powers, but they do not recognize the role that spiritual beings play in affecting a person’s behavior.

For instance, there are many spiritual practices that treat spiritual beings as some sort of fungus to be eradicated and disposed of. These practices, which include exorcism and Scientology OT processing, attempt to drive off spirits as some sort of body infestation and actually create severe upsets in the beings so handled. 

These upset beings become determined opponents because of the insensitive or often brutal handlings they are subjected to. If you are surrounded by spiritual beings whose every thought is to get even with you in some way, your life will be miserable. Consider this, if you are surrounded by family members whom you have opposed for years, what do you think your chances for success and happiness are?

The best solution for upset family members and spiritual beings alike is to learn how to communicate with them with kindness and compassion. 

It can be difficult, but we have discovered that Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) provides one of the best tools for communicating with all living beings and remedying the mistakes of the past, which led to the upsets in the first place.

Now that we have introduced the concept of kindness and compassion for your spiritual companions, we will explain how many spirits are actively influencing and even controlling you at times in our next article.

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