What Are We Doing For Our Next Human Experience? – Part Two

To refresh your memory of Part One, we have been choosing to play the game of being human so as to experience the wealth of sensations that come from wearing a human body.

Some of you who have grasped this concept might wonder why we don’t come back as something powerful like an alligator or an African lion. Well, some spirits do come back as animals, but the ones I have observed did not seem very happy. Yes, there may be lots of sex and no deadlines, but there are many sensations that humans can experience that other living things can’t. Alligators can’t sing or play the piano, so musical creativity and harmonic expression are off the list of pleasurable sensations if you pick up a mighty lizard body.

Only spirits in human bodies can explore the wealth of pleasurable sensations that come with being able to cook and prepare food and drink to explode pleasurably on the palate. Opposable thumbs are a necessity for serious craftwork and assembly of machinery to conquer the material universe and traverse it at high speeds. Since telepathy seems to be an almost lost art, a body that can form intelligible words would seem to be a necessity for most spirits. Other than human bodies and some varieties of birds, there does not seem to be many animal forms that can be controlled to speak, so if you wish to communicate with others, your choice of bodies is limited, at least on this planet. So, it appears that human bodies provide the optimum experience if a spirit wishes to enjoy sensations on this planet and participate in group activities. By the time a human reaches adulthood, most have had the opportunity to engage in almost every physical activity this planet has to offer, and each of those activities has its own unique challenges and sensations to offer. 

As I mentioned in another article, the big trap is that we can lose ourselves in our human experience and totally forget we are spiritual beings. We may have a few out-of-body experiences, but generally, we can push those aside as a momentary lapse in reality. 

The increased level of communication provided by the internet has made it more difficult to stay insulated from the reality that we have lived before and will live again in other bodies. Exposure to science fiction and paranormal fantasy changes our reality in mysterious ways. One or two stories of activities that happened in the very distant past, and the readers will find themselves dreaming of times and places they have never been. These readers will write other fanciful tales, and other readers will find themselves with memories that come unbidden of places and times that never existed on planet Earth. Engineers read tales of spaceships, marvelous vehicles, and machines that think, and the next thing we know, we are landing on the moon and interacting with artificial intelligence and dealing with robots.

All of this so-called fantasy awakens our long-buried memories of the very distant past, and we see philosophies and spiritual technologies arise which promise to break the bonds of conventional civilized life. The more we remember, the more we disturb the foundations of established society and open the doors to exploring realms beyond the five human senses.

I have been researching this area since 1975 when I first encountered a spiritualist who could communicate with spirits and could foresee the future. I spent the next 45 years learning about spiritual matters and finally learned how to communicate effectively with spiritual beings on a daily basis. I have learned that we spirits who are enjoying a human experience are a small minority of the spirits who inhabit this planet. I also learned that almost all of the spirits I have encountered have come or been sent from elsewhere in the universe, and almost all of us are suffering from some form of impressed or voluntary amnesia of our actual origins.

This means that our human existence is only one tiny sliver of the existences open to us as spirits, and we are not really in charge of that existence either. Rather than get all upset about alien influences and alien civilizations, we should first try to open up the secrets of our own pasts and prepare ourselves to play the best game possible for our human experience now and in the future.

One of the first steps in making a better game of your human existence is to discover who is playing the game with you. When you discover that you have been surrounded by spirit guides since birth and that they have been helping and even controlling you this lifetime, you are taking the first steps toward assuming control of your spiritual companions and setting a real course for your future.

We will discuss how we can work with our spirit guides in subsequent parts of this article in determining what roles we will play in subsequent lifetimes. Stay tuned for more information about our spiritual nature.

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