Important Notice – There Will Be No SRT Academy meeting on Monday 10-19-20

I have an appointment with a dentist and will not be able to host the usual meeting.

I apologize for the late notice, but this will give you an opportunity to look at the revised SRT Axioms and see what I have failed to communicate to you.

If you understand the SRT Axioms, your certainty is unshakable. If you have not studied them in detail, you will find that life is full of unexpected activities that don’t make sense.

When you know and understand the Axioms, you can remove the mysteries from your life. Furthermore, you will be able to make connections and have realizations that can change your life forever.

One of our more recent realizations was that unhandled spiritual companions can act as third parties and cause us to have arguments with people we care for. What this means is that spiritual companions who are not working in harmony with us, or each other, can act as invisible third party agents and can be very destructive.

You can read about this here:

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