Axioms are the underpinnings of any philosophy or technology. Any axiom serves as a starting point from which other statements are logically derived. If you know and understand these SRT Axioms, you will have certainty in evaluating any activity involving spiritual matters.

I want to acknowledge the efforts of Petra, Joachim, and Ernesto in reviewing and revising this current list of essential Axioms of Spiritual Rescue Technology. I expect that more will be discovered, as they are the results of observations of spiritual phenomena that can be duplicated and experienced by others.

All of these Axioms have been discovered and verified in SRT sessions.

SRT AXIOMS as of 10-17-20

Axiom 1 – We are spiritual beings, and some of us are having a human experience

Axiom 2 – Other spiritual beings are having a non-human experience

Axiom 3 – Having a human experience on this planet involves coexistence with spiritual beings who can affect your behavior, health, and personality

Axiom 4 – Everything in the material realm starts with an action in the spiritual realm beyond the reach of the five human senses. These actions include intention, attention, ideas, emotions, telepathic communication, computation, estimation of effort, admiration, and many more.

Axiom 5– All spirits generate life force energy.

Corollary to Axiom 5 – If it generates life force, it is a spirit and will respond to admiration and intention.

Axiom 6 – Spirits communicate by telepathy.

Axiom 7 – Telepathic Communication consists of ideas, emotions, intentions, admiration, images, and occasionally voices and other sounds.

Axiom 8 – A caring communication has the intention of increasing life force in the recipient.

Axiom 9 – Any communication that is not a caring communication is a damaging communication and comes from an upset spiritual being.

Axiom 10 – If you are not happy, you are being affected by unhappy spiritual beings.

Axiom 11- Difficulty in learning new things is a spiritual problem and resolves when the upset beings are handled.

Axiom12 – All negative attitudes about anything come from spiritual beings who are being upset by what is being done or proposed.

Axiom13 – People can disagree with you about anything, but their disagreement will be rational unless upset spiritual beings are involved.

Axiom 14 – A lack of integrity prevents spiritual healing.

Axiom 15 – Spiritual beings give up some of their free will to be part of a group.

Axiom 16 – As a spiritual being having a human existence on Earth, your free will is limited by the agreements you have made to assume that existence.

Axiom 17 – Fairness is based on the existence of agreed-upon rules. If there is no agreement, the concepts of fairness or unfairness have no meaning.

Axiom 18 – Misownership is the assumption of another spiritual being’s thoughts and emotions and thinking they are your own.

Axiom 19 – Upsets are almost always due to misownership.

Axiom 20 – Misownership started as an agreement to share in others’ emotions and sensations. It may not have been a conscious decision.

Axiom 21 – Sanity as a being depends on the ability to recognize misownership when it exists. This is also the basis of integrity, as integrity is based on knowing the truth.

Axiom 22 – Free will and misownership are mutually exclusive. Complete misownership is being someone else.

Axiom 23 – The ability to place attention on or in something is a native ability of a spiritual being. When one is able to do this, one can achieve a conceptual understanding of the intentions and concepts held by spiritual beings even when they are not communicating with you directly.

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