Axioms are the underpinnings of any philosophy or technology. Any axiom is a statement that serves as a starting point from which other statements are logically derived.

If you know and understand the axioms of SRT, you can easily evaluate the truth of any statement about spiritual matters. When confusions or upsets exist, they are usually the result of not knowing the axioms of a subject. The axioms of SRT were first published several years ago and have not been widely discussed recently, which is why I have found myself repeatedly explaining things that should have been public knowledge. To remedy this lack of information, we will take the axioms up and discuss them this weekend.

There are 12 axioms that have been observed to be true for Spiritual Rescue Technology. We will be discussing them in our free workshop on Saturday, October 17, 2020, to see if there are others that should be added.

You can see them here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spiritualrescuetechnology/permalink/2476647489306591/

The Axioms were reviewed and updated in the workshop/ The updated list can be seen here:

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A lie is essentially an alteration of truth, which is usually told to avert some perceived harm. On the other hand, the playing of any game requires the hiding of some facts, which means that disclosure of truth will ruin the game. If we are able to know the minds and hearts of others, there is no reason to play a game. We can co-create and align our intentions instead of employing opposed intentions.

Playing the game of being human has required the creation of many lies, not all of which are useful. I have discussed these lies in a recent article, which can be found here:


In our webinar this Sunday, I would like to review the many lies we have told ourselves and see which one we can eliminate and which we should maintain for the benefit of “society”.

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Resilience is typically defined as the capacity to recover from difficult life events. “It’s your ability to withstand adversity and bounce back and grow despite life’s downturns.” Resilience doesn’t mean the person doesn’t feel the intensity of the event or problem. Instead, it just means that they’ve found a pretty good way of dealing with it more quickly than others.

With the advent of the internet, we are constantly bombarded with news of disasters and triumphs, and much of it is opinion, not factual data. We can fearfully scan the news every day to see what the next conspiracy will bring, or we can look at our reactions to bad news and seek to handle the beings who are being triggered by the constantly changing news. There is no way, at present, to limit the flow of bad news, but you can reduce your sensitivity to that news by handling your spiritual companions, so they don’t react dramatically to the news and establishing some stable data that you can rely on to determine whether the news is actually useful or false data.

If you have little or no stable data, you have no way to judge whether new information is believable or false. This makes the information hang up as a confusion, and it captures your attention and your life force.

One piece of stable data is the condition of your life force and what external events affect your life force.

For example, You read that there are hidden alien influencers controlling the fate of millions through secret manipulation of advertising, and you practically freeze up wondering if the toilet paper ads you are reading are convincing you to vote for the wrong person.

If you know you are a spirit having a human experience, you can see the hidden persuaders in everyday advertising and journalism. Furthermore, you can recognize the reactions of your spiritual companions to fake news and propaganda, and you avoid reading material from that media outlet from then on.

You learn to recognize the effect on your life force from contact with certain people and news articles. You learn to avoid those events and people who diminish your life force. You also learn to align yourself with those activities and people who increase your life force.

Try reading the SRT Axioms again and see how this affects your life force. Try other sources of data and repeat. I want you to recognize the importance of increasing your resilience.

We will be discussing various strategies for increasing your resilience to change and conspiracies on Monday, October 19, 2020, at12 noon using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 

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