Introduction To The Real Cycle Of Life

Those of you who have been raised in a typical Earth planet culture have been taught about the human life cycle, which starts with conception and passes through various stages of body growth until reaching a final stage of dying and death. This is an observable cycle and can be seen in every human, animal, and plant body. So, it is not surprising that we think this is the actual cycle of life. It is not the real story at all.

If you have been actually observing your abilities and your environment, you may have become aware that there are many activities that exist beyond the five senses of a human body. We have called these activities spiritual activities because they cannot be observed by physical or mechanical means. We can only measure their effect on our bodies or on the material universe.

Some of the more common of these spiritual activities are intentions, attention, admiration, purposes, goals, imagination, creative thought, mental images, and emotions. These are all functions of the spirit, not of a meat body or of inert matter.

The real story of our existence is that we are spiritual beings who are currently having a human experience.

We are immortal spiritual beings with memories that go way back before recorded history and way before bodies of any kind. We pick up a body, and we use it to play the game of life, and when it wears out, we leave it and pick up another body to continue the game of life as another identity.

This is true for all living things. We tend to pick up human bodies and play the game of life as a human, but there are many other possibilities that we will not go into here.

A spirit can think and create and experience some sensations, but for maximum sensations, a spirit needs to inhabit and manage a body. A spirit usually tends to treat each body as a brand new existence and represses the memories of earlier existences. This is probably done to make the game of life easier.

By treating each “lifetime” as a new and independent experience, the spirit gives himself the illusion of a brand new game. We can only guess at the confusion that might exist if a baby retained all of the experiences, good and bad, of a previous life. Correcting a parent’s mistakes is difficult enough when the child is an adolescent. It might be fatal at an earlier age.

At the present time, most spirits treat each human existence as a separate and unique life. As we become more aware of our spiritual identity, we may be able to expand our knowledge and control of our human life cycle.

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