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Please take time to read my article, “Your Human Existence” before reading this invitation

In the second paragraph, I try to make the point that Human existence can be a trap if you are persuaded to forget you are a spirit. Human existence is all about experiencing more sensations than you can experience as an unfettered spirit without a body. The trap I mentioned is that these sensations can make you forget you are a spirit playing at being a human being. You can get into thinking you are ARE a human being and your existence will be all over if your body dies.

Once you lose the viewpoint of being a spirit, you spend a lot of your time being the effect of being a meat body. You are no longer playing the game of life with your body as a piece in the game. Instead, your viewpoint has diminished to that of the piece itself and your goals are the continuation of the piece at almost any price.

All of your creative efforts are focused on keeping the body comfortable with pleasant sensations and keeping it well-fed. Threats and potential threats to the body will cause you to experience fear and many other unpleasant emotions. Since you derive most of your sensations through the body, it acts like an amplifier whenever someone admires or invalidates you and alters your body’s life force. Your entire existence dwindles to a need to protect your body and make it feel good, once you forget you are a spiritual being.

As you become more aware of the spiritual side of life, your dependence on your body lessens, but you can be blindsided when activities in your environment cause your health and your emotions to act in ways you cannot control. To handle this problem, I would like to suggest a strategy that will let you continue to enjoy the benefits of animating a body without losing the viewpoint that you are a spiritual being having and enjoying a human experience.

First, you must recognize that almost all of you who are in good standing in your community have the ability to change your environment to make it more pleasant. Good standing means that you are in exchange with your community and are operating in accord with the rules established for citizens of the community.

Citizens in good standing are entitled to an environment in which they can exchange their labor for shelter, food, security, and the necessities of life. If you are producing goods or services for others in a sane community, you should be able to live in harmony with others in that community and be able to share in the benefits of that community to the extent that your goods or services are valued by that community.

If your goods or services are not valued by your community, you need to develop or find new goods and services to deliver or find a community that values what you can deliver.

In order to flourish and prosper, you need an environment that lets you sleep at night, work without interruptions, and is safe and secure so you and your possessions are not subject to harm. If you are living under threat of harm or interruptions to your daily life, your attention will be captured by these threatening influences and this will impair your ability to get work done and to get the proper rest and sleep you need to stay healthy.

In this modern wireless world, you can be exposed to threats of a different nature, even if you live in a peaceful enclave far away from rioting crowds and dangerous neighborhoods. Media organizations no longer distribute useful news of daily events. They have degenerated into propaganda machines spreading opinions disguised as facts. There have always been examples of such biased journalism, but in the distant past your exposure was limited to the daily paper, then later to the daily exposure on television news. Now you are barraged with opinions disguised as fact on a constant basis and some of the media organizations are censoring actual news and replacing with opinions from anonymous fact-checking services.

When the majority of the media outlets coordinate their messages, it will appear that what they are producing is factual, and many people who do not take time to check for original sources, absorb these slanted messages and become upset because of the message contents. It has been known for many years that repetition of a message will convince many people of its truth. This fact has enabled our modern media to manipulate public opinion and cause people to distrust people of good will by promoting false data as true fact..

The persistence of this false data has earned it the title of “fake news”. It is a true threat to your sanity and your peace of mind. Counter-efforts are derided as conspiracy theories and the major media organizations do their best to discredit anyone who attempts to get to the bottom of the propaganda activities of the major media organizations.

This barrage of fake news is a threat to your sanity and perhaps to your livelihood if you are the subject of the attack. What this means is that you need to investigate any threatening fake news and get the truth from a reliable source by getting the actual data on who, what, when, where, why and how something happened. Words like asserted, anonymous sources, reputed, and emotional labels for people are indications that the information is opinion rather than fact. Getting the full set of five W’s and How will keep you from being upset and overwhelmed by fake news,

Fake news consists of lies and if you permit anyone to tell you lies, you are actually putting your life at risk.

You need your environment to be safe, secure, quiet, truthful, and supporting fair exchange. Anything else puts you and your family at risk.

Join me Saturday, 10-11-20 on Zoom at 12 noon EDT where we will discuss strategies for creating a risk-free environment for our human experience.

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