Weekend Activity – Using A Checklist For Changing Your Life

I would like to make it easier for any one of you to successfully execute a project to change your life, so I conjured up a 7 step checklist that should make the task of changing your life fairly straightforward.

To put things into a real perspective, I also have provided some likely prospects for changing your life. These will help frame your efforts to apply to real-life situations. Here are some real-life projects that will change your life and you will encounter many of them in the years remaining to you. They are not listed in any particular order.

  1. Move all your possessions to another location
  2. Care for a relative who can no longer care for themselves
  3. Find a new source of income
  4. Develop some good friends who have the same interests you have
  5. Find a way to make a contribution to your community or to society
  6. Find a way to achieve inner peace

You can achieve any of these if you can successfully follow this checklist and fully answer all of the questions it poses.

  1. What problem does this project solve?
  2. What investments of time, energy, and money are required to see this through?
  3. Where can you find the resources necessary to carry out this project?
  4. Is there a better way to solve this particular problem?
  5. List all of the obstacles that have to be overcome to carry out this project successfully.
  6. List the long-term benefits of completing this project successfully.
  7. What exit strategy is available if some major flaw is discovered that makes the project unfeasible?

To put this checklist into action, I am proposing that we hold three online meetings this weekend and discuss how we can choose a project and work out how we can develop a final version of the checklist to make the changes we want to see,

Free Workshop on Saturday, October 3, 2020.

Let’s discuss the projects we are most likely to encounter and see what changes are required to the checklist to achieve the results we want. Use this link to join: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

Webinar on Sunday, October 4, 2020. Choose one project and work our way through creating the change to our lives. Work out handlings for all obstacles found. Use this link to join: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

Webinar Donation is $10 and you can use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

SRT Academy on Monday, October 4, 2020.

We will take up projects that Academy members are facing and will discuss the obstacles and possible handlings until acceptable solutions are found. If the group is not comfortable discussing real issues, we will discuss #4,5,and 6 of the real-life project list and work out ways to achieve them.

Use this link to join: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

The Academy Donation is $25 and you can use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/25

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