Forecasting The Future – Part Three

Most of you who have read Parts One and Two can apply the material and are happily forging ahead with your project of the week. Some of you, however, are saying to yourselves, “You make it sound so easy, but it’s not easy at all!”

I know that for some of you, this will be almost impossible to do, and that is why I am writing Part Three. I spent the last ten years discovering why traditional counseling techniques would not work on certain people with above-average awareness. You are among those people who are plagued by thoughts that you cannot fully control and, in some cases, voices in your head that interfere with your ability to agree with ideas that others find acceptable. This is not an unusual situation, because almost everyone has these thoughts, but you are able to hear them and can’t stop them from impinging on you.

You are not crazy. You are just able to hear the spiritual beings who are hanging around you. Your perceptions are more acute than those of many other people. You are picking up thoughts from disembodied spirits, and you have not been taught how to handle them. Thoughts and telepathy are spiritual universe phenomena beyond the reach of the five human senses. Some people can pick them up, and others can’t. 

Our research has shown us that there are many disembodied spirits hanging around us, and they are usually interested in helping us in some way. If you have ever felt that you were blessed with “spirit guides” or “guardian angels”, you were quite right. Some people, especially young children, are quite aware of spiritual presences, and they carry on mental conversations with these spiritual companions every day.

However, for every person who is aware of spirits, there are many, many more who don’t believe in them and ignore any ideas that these beings share with them. You may be one of these people, but there is a reliable way to determine whether you are being influenced by spirits, even if you do not believe in them or in their ability to influence you. 

Disembodied spirits have lost their ability to manage a body and live life as a human being. They are limited to being spectators who hang around people like you who are living life and having adventures. They are no longer able to be human, but they are still trying to be backseat drivers and save you from yourself. Remember now, they are disembodied spirits because they failed at life and are afraid to take on that responsibility again. They have all sorts of painful memories which they do not want to experience again, and they don’t want you to experience them either. In case you have not figured this out yet, they are carrying memories of failed careers, failed marriages, fatal accidents, ruined careers, betrayals, suicides, drownings, being poisoned, and financial ruination. Almost anything you wish to start, they have failed at and do not want you to suffer what they did.

If you would like to make some change in your life and can’t seem to get up enthusiasm for the task, the most probable cause is the spirits who are trying to protect you from failure. If you read Part One and Part Two of this series and felt it was an impossible dream to forecast the future, you are definitely infested with spirits who are protecting you from the pain and uncertainty of changing your future. Their counter-intention will hamper your plans until these counter-intentions are handled. Trying to push ahead despite their counter-intention will have the same results as if the counter-intention came from your team-mates on the project. The project will take a long time and will eventually fail until the counter-intention is handled.

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