I know all of you have admired something or someone in the past, but did you know that you can get in trouble if you admire someone without understanding what you are doing?

Admiration is a spiritual flow that makes the recipient and the sender feel better when delivered appropriately. I would like to share some of our findings to help you achieve the results you desire when you admire someone.

Correctly delivered admiration will increase the other person’s affinity for you and will make them feel more alive. You will also feel better when you can do this, and fortunately, this is an ability that can be learned. There are many ways to admire someone or something, but you should always feel free to admire in whatever way you feel comfortable while you are learning.

Why might you need training to admire someone? Like any flow, admiration can be done in a way that is too strong and can be delivered for too long. Your admiration can be inadvertently mixed with emotions that will create a negative effect on the object of your admiration. Admiration mixed with a hunger for sensation usually creates a negative impact on the person you are admiring in that way.

If you remember to admire people in a way that does not disturb them, you will find yourself with new friends, and life will be much happier than before you learned to admire people.

In Part Two, we will discuss the many benefits of learning how to admire people.



There are many benefits to learning how to admire people, and when you learn them well enough to use them, your life will not be the same. I do not expect you to use these benefits without checking them out thoroughly, so do your best to test them in any way you choose.

Admiration is a highly desired flow by all living things.

Admiration makes people feel good while receiving it, while using it on others, and while teaching others to use it. This is what admiration and learning how to use it freely can do for you.

When we admire anyone, we increase their life force energy. This applies to non-human living things also.

Admiration is a way of affecting our environment and making it feel good about itself.
A being who can admire others freely has the power to increase another being’s life force.

Life force energy is a measure of the ability to put attention on to something. It is a measure of how alive someone is.

If you can admire something, you can become cause over it.

Rehabilitating our ability to admire things freely gives us greater control of our own lives.

Admiration is a way of affecting our environment and making it feel good about itself.

Using and Understanding admiration are two different activities.

You can be trained to use admiration for fun and profit without understanding the full range of opportunities that a full understanding of admiration opens up.

This means that you can be given a working knowledge of the power of admiration and can start using it in your daily lives after a short introduction.

In Part Three, we will cover the exact steps for using admiration to handle a difficult personal situation.


Using Admiration To Diffuse A Potentially Difficult Situation

Unlikely as it seems, there are many people whose jobs require them to exert control over others, and they often receive hostile glances and comments from the people they try to control. Cast your mind back to your encounters with clerks at the DMV and other government offices. If nothing appears, think of your last encounter with a policeman or customs clerk. If that does not bring up examples of bureaucratic unpleasantness, think of your last experience with a tired checkout clerk at the local market. Almost all of these people are forced to deal with members of the public who resent their very existence.

It is probably true to say that these people receive hostile glances and other flows even when they are trying to do their jobs in a proper and polite manner.

If you were to approach this harried person and just quietly admire the way they were managing not to scream, you just might make their day. Admiring someone for doing their job is not a difficult task and does not take words. It is always detected by the recipient and it makes them feel more alive, even if they do not understand why you are admiring them. It actually brings a bit of sanity into their lives and will usually make them smile.

If you were to approach the next person in charge of handling a line of customers and think to yourself how nice it is that this person is here to make things go smoothly, you would be casting out a flow of admiration for them doing a necessary job.

Every time I have done this, I have been greeted with a smile by the person in charge, and the transaction has gone smoothly. The person felt better, and so did I for being able to create this beneficial effect. Furthermore, the effect seems to be lasting as the person smiled at me during subsequent visits. 

Life is too short to go around making enemies. If you use the power of admiration to bring out the best in people, you will find the world to be a friendlier place.

 As you learn to use admiration to make people happier, you will find that you become happier yourself.

If you encounter people who do not respond to admiration, feel free to pity them. A person who cannot receive admiration has problems you are not equipped to resolve. They are almost as sick as the person who cannot admire others.

You are as sane as you can admire other people and living things.

If you find that you have difficulty admiring things, consult a counselor trained in delivering admiration processing. Send me a message at, and I will refer you to someone who can help.

What if you are not interested in using admiration?

There is a fascinating reason why a person would find the subject of admiration, boring or uninteresting. They have already determined that it won’t work for them, and they are looking for something else they can use to make their lives better and more enjoyable.

This may seem unlikely because anyone who has used admiration knows that admiring any living thing will increase its life energy. Still, if a person can’t seem to get a result by using admiration, they will search until they find something that does.

I have used admiration to resolve a number of different situations, and it addresses a wide range of material universe problems, even though admiration is a spiritual force and can’t be measured with scientific instruments. 

I have yet to see a situation that cannot be improved by admiring it, so why would someone not be interested in using admiration? They will only feel this way because they have already decided that their problem cannot be dealt with admiration.

Why would a person decide that a particular problem or person cannot be handled by admiring it? Because the person cannot bring themselves to admire any part of the problem or the person who is giving them a problem.

They have already decided that the person or problem is too much for them to handle and are willing to remain a victim of the person or situation.

Being a victim is an effective way of banishing any responsibility for the situation you are currently in. It is someone else’s fault that things are not going well, and anyone who is trying to make you responsible for any part of it is making you wrong! 

Now, you might try admiring the person who has managed to make you into a victim instead of a competent human being, but that would break up the game you are playing with yourself, and you might have to find another game to play.

I would like you to play the game of being human with great skill and that requires you to be able to admire others and even yourself. If you are not interested in understanding and using admiration, you are playing the game of being a victim, which means you are putting yourself at the mercy of others.

You have also elected someone else to be in charge of your life.

If you have read this far and want to be more in charge of your life,

send me a message and let me coach you to use admiration in your life.

You can reach me at:


If nothing springs to mind, you may suffering from a lack of admiration from others and that is not a good thing. Being raised in a household where you are not admired is not that uncommon and people with that background have great difficulty admiring what they have accomplished.

If you have difficulty finding anything about yourself to admire, I can help you overcome that disability in just a few sessions of confidential online counseling to rehabilitate your ability to find things to admire in yourself and in life.

I have 45 years of counseling experience and I have been working with a team of people who are researching what admiration processing can do to handle situations that traditional counseling can’t touch. If you have trouble finding anything about your life to admire, give me a call to schedule a free online consultation.

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