Are You Ready For A Weekend Of Mind-Expanding Activities?

I have revised the direction of the new book and have an updated review copy ready for you to read and discuss this weekend. Your input will determine the final state of the book and your contributions will make the data real to readers.

Join me on Saturday for a free workshop where we will review and interactively edit the portion of the book that is completed so far. I can guarantee that there is information I have never shared before and I need your comments to make sure that it is in a form that can be understood.

Please join me on Zoom at 12 noon EDT on Saturday, 9-5-20, using this link:

On Sunday, we will analyze the levels at which the game of human existence can be played to make sure that we have covered them adequately. There may be more levels worth mentioning and we need to cover the methods we can use to increase empathy more thoroughly. Join me Sunday 9-6-20, at 12 noon EDT using this link:

The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link:

On Monday, 9-7-20, we will be discussing Recognizing Our Kinship With All Living Things

This is an advanced topic and relates to our level of empathy. If you are lacking in empathy, this may be a difficult topic to experience as much of the material will not be real.

I discovered last night that some of my clients who were not able to communicate with spirits were simply lacking empathy. Our discovery of that situation can open the door to reaching more new people and giving them the opportunity to discover spiritual matters.

The bottom line is that people who don’t have empathy cannot recognize life force, except for their own. This makes them seem narcissistic and cruel and limits their ability to interact meaningfully with others.

I think we have a tool that can increase a person’s empathy and restore their ability to contribute to civilization.

Join me on Monday, 9-7-20 at 12 noon EDT using this link:

The fee is $25 and can be paid using this link:

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