I have been working my way toward a more basic set of SRT books for some time. The underlying idea is to come up with a book or books that would resonate with any reader who wondered about the spiritual aspects of his or her existence. To create these books, I wish to recruit a team to review these books as they are being written and would like the reviewers to add examples from their own lives if they wish.

The first book must contain material that would be real or could be made real to almost anyone who wondered about their role in life. Ideally, it should introduce tools that would let a reader discover hidden abilities that they didn’t know they possessed and create an awareness of their history as immortal spiritual beings. It should conclude by introducing opportunities to investigate what happens when we increase our awareness and lead the reader to continue exploring how the spiritual realm actually works.

The second book will introduce the true power of learning to control ones attention and using that attention to reach and withdraw from the challenges of life on Earth. The reader will learn to reach and withdraw from all sorts of areas that present challenges to their peace of mind. Every topic presented will be approached using a reach and withdraw process that allows the reader to improve their ability to absorb new concepts and apply these concepts to gain greater control of their lives. By the end of this second book, the reader should begin to have a grasp of the relationship of the spiritual realm to the material world that science recognizes.

The third book will bring the reader’s awareness up to the level where the reader can begin to appreciate their actual spiritual makeup as a composite being, by explaining how the source of mankind’s creativity can also be the source of so many personal difficulties. This book will introduce possession and spiritual companions who make up our personalities. It will use reach and withdraw processing to bring about an understanding of how harnessing the power of our spiritual associates will achieve results beyond our wildest expectations.

When a reader has read and digested these three books, they will be ready to read the Spiritual Rescue Technology series and put that information to use.

This is a rough idea of the books and their titles. A full breakdown of the contents can be found on the Telegram site where the actual work is being done.

Book One – CHANGING THE GAME – Overcoming the Limitations of Your Birth

Book Two – PLAYING A NEW GAME ENTIRELY – Beyond The Merely Human Existence

Book Three – EXPANDING THE GAME OF LIFE – Exploring The Spiritual Realm On Your Own

We are setting up an area on Telegram to communicate about these books and handle revisions. This will be open to the review team only. If you are interested in joining this effort, join me on Telegram using this link:

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