A Weekend Of Confronting Difficult Life Situations Using SRT Reach and Withdraw Processing

If you want to experience major case gain quickly, you must learn to use SRT Reach and Withdraw Processing. It will bring up your ability to confront faster than anything I have experienced elsewhere. It is not painless, but it will build your confidence when every other method has failed.

When you build up your confront on one area of life, you gain a stable ability, but you will have to build up your confront on a number of areas before you can confront the rest of your life situations without effort. When this happens, you will have realizations that will change your life and will enable you to take responsibility for creating situations where you can’t win.

If you have a situation that you cannot confront, you have made decisions that led you into this hopeless situation. You have also tried to resolve this situation with no success, and now the situation is so painful to deal with that you are busy finding other situations to confront. You are so certain that this particular situation can’t be resolved that you actively avoid any effort to analyze it and handle it. You may even seek out “magical” solutions for your problem that does not require you to look closely at the real basis for your problem.

Well, I have a solution for any unsolvable problem you have, and it is time tested because it works on social problems and machinery as well. The reason this solution works so well because it rehabilitates an ability that is native to a spirit, and this ability is one of the first things that someone will damage if they intend to do you harm or to put you under their control.

Your ability to reach and put attention on whatever you wish to inspect is the first thing that a suppressive person or group will attack. If you are in a group that is trying to control your actions, they will make you focus your attention only on what they command and not allow your attention to wander freely. In both cases, your attention is under someone else’s control.

As a result, over many lifetimes, you have been made to agree that you cannot put your attention in someone else’s space, and this affects your ability to reach out and occupy someone else’s space, even if it is required of you now.

Join me this weekend, as we cover material and do drills that should restore your knowledge of, responsibility for, and control, of your attention so that you can resolve any life situation, no matter how overwhelming.


Learn how you can undo the agreements that keep you from confronting difficult situations.

Join me on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

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