A Weekend of Discovery – REVISED VERSION – Influencing How You Are Perceived By Others

When you can influence how others perceive you, you are able to control your income, your circle of friends, the admiration you receive, and the worth society assigns to you. If these are important to you, we now have a tool that allows you to influence how others perceive you.

SRT is this tool, and we have spent a lot of time discussing how it works without explaining why anyone would want to learn about it and use it. SRT allows you to take control of your life and act sanely under all conditions, but its real value is in influencing how others perceive you.

Influencing how others perceive you puts you in control of your relationship with these other people. There are many different words to describe this phenomenon, so we need to stay focused on how others perceive us rather than the terms we use to describe what we are doing to accomplish this.

We have been using the terms identity, personality, behavior, and beingness to describe the ways we interact with others, but these are all internal views of what is occurring.

If we wish to influence how others perceive us, we need to take an external view of the situation. What or who do they perceive when they interact with us? When we look at the interactions from this viewpoint, we gain the ability to change our relationship with each person by selecting the way we react to them and their actions.

To give you an idea of how you can influence the way you interact with others, let us start with an initial contact when you are meeting a person for the first time. If you are relaxed and confident with a pleasant attitude, you have a good chance to make an excellent impression and to accomplish whatever you intend to happen.

If you are uncertain and shy, you are projecting a harmonic of fear, and you may elicit sympathy from the person, but will not inspire confidence in your abilities.

If you are worried, tired, or in pain, you will find it hard to be enthusiastic and charming when you meet with someone, and your working relationship will be affected.

Let’s say you are there to provide help to someone, if you are warm and enthusiastic, the person may not see you as the person who can solve his problem. In that sort of situation, projecting confidence in a no-nonsense caring way may be far more effective in providing help.

The secret in influencing how others perceive you is to first understand what they are doing from their actions as well as what they say and to then control your behavior so that you present the appropriate beingness or identity to influence the relationship.

People tend to evaluate your importance by many different cues, behavior being one of the easiest areas for you to manage. Your manner of dress and grooming have a big effect on others, but your behavior can override any other factors if you know what you are doing.

If you are in control of your behavior and your personality, you are presenting a beingness (identity), which will create a specific impression on those who you are interacting with. You can be drilled to act in certain ways through training, but this is only useful in a limited number of situations. To be able to provide natural responses to a wide variety of life situations, you need to understand the spiritual basis for a person’s perception and reaction to you and be able to generate the personality you desire.

You can probably see that there is no single personality that will guarantee success in dealing with others. In actual fact, there are many different personalities you use in daily life, and switching between them should be easy and natural. Most people learn to show these personalities on a trial and error basis as they experience life, and you end up with different personalities for each of the interactions in your daily life. At various times during the day, you may be husband, father, brother, employee, office mate, friend, a customer in a store, boss, interviewer, author, lover, etc. and each one is a different set of abilities and personality traits.

In some of these roles, you are a dominant figure, and in others, propitiative and submissive. If you do not understand the spiritual factors underlying your personality changes, you will not be able to control them. Ideally, you should be able to present the personality you desire in any of the life situations you face as opposed to finding yourself at the effect of someone you are dealing with.

When you are in control of your emotions and the personality you present to the world, you can control the way you are perceived by others.

Spiritual Rescue Technology processing will give you the ability to control your emotions and your reactions to life. We will be discussing the specific processes by which you create an identity to control any situation.


Influencing how others see us, the challenges, and the rewards. Different ways to accomplish this.

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SUNDAY WEBINAR August 16, 2020

Creating SRT process templates to change the way we present ourselves to others. Since this is a continuing activity, the processes should be adaptable for solo sessions, should permit changes in terms for different languages, and should be unlimited processes that can be run over and over without limit and produce significant gains each time they are run.

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MONDAY SRT ACADEMY August 17, 2020

Applying specific processes to real-life situations. Both demonstration sessions and solo sessions will be performed with review by the participants as to the effectiveness and necessary modifications.

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