The Perils Of Being A Walk-in

When you decide that you don’t want to raise a body from infancy and have to endure all those years of being helpless and at the mercy of others, you do what is commonly called a walk-in. You pick someone with strength and mobility at a time when he isn’t able to control his body. This way, you get a chance to take control and establish yourself before he is able to kick you out.

Opportune times to execute a walk-in are when the person is in the hospital being operated on, when they are overwhelmed by recreational drugs, and when they are in a serious accident. The behavioral changes that occur are often masked by the confusion of the moment and the effort that is going on to rescue the body. When Aunt Martha comes home from the hospital after her major operation, you don’t expect here to be her normal self. The fact that she doesn’t drink anymore and seems confused about certain things doesn’t seem very important. If you are not really observant, you will miss the fact that someone else has taken up residence, and Aunt Martha is really someone else trying to fit in.

Almost any event that is life-threatening enough for the spirit to leave the body can provide the opportunity for another spirit to take over and walk-in as the new owner. The point to be made here is that any major personality change can be the result of a different spiritual being taking control.

If the behavior of the walk-in is too different from the behavior of the original owner, concerned family and friends may stage an intervention in the form of an exorcism, spiritual counseling, or a stay in a psychiatric ward. These interventions can involve prayer, hypnotism, or even electric shock. Such activities can dislodge the walk-in and cause it to leave.

A walk-in followed by an expulsion is hard on all beings concerned. A walk-in who picks up the body out of pity or in an attempt to help will generally try to fit in and not cause undue confusion. When this is done, the walk-in learns the ropes and gradually develops their own style of behavior without causing too much upset,

What I did not realize until very recently was that the walk-in may not realize he is a walk-in. His only awareness was that trauma had occurred and now things are a bit different. The loss of memory that occurs when picking up an infant body seems to occur when picking up an adult body. I did not realize I was a walk-in until years later and most of the walk-ins I have encountered in counseling did not realize what had happened until years later. The only thing they were aware of was that life changed after an accident or operation and their relationship with family and friends changed too.

In normal peacetime, walk-ins are infrequent. In wartime, people are dropping bodies at a much greater rate and serious injuries are occurring frequently. In my counseling sessions, I have encountered many confusions of identity during wartime and they were usually due to a walk-in occurring without being recognized. A soldier gets shot and picks up the injured body of another soldier and in the end there is confusion as to who he really is. When a counselor encounters this in auditing, he has trouble getting his wits around the fact that the person died in 1942 and dies again in 1945.

Walk-ins will continue to happen and the best solution, once this is detected, is to address any and all confusions with Spiritual Rescue Technology so that all beings concerned can regain their free will. There is a shared responsibility for all beings involved in a walk-in. A walk-in occurs when no one is minding the store. Once the walk-in has occurred, using SRT will sort out the reasons for the situation and can restore peace and tranquility.

Walk-ins are essentially a change of ownership and it is better if all concerned know what happened. If you think you were a walk-in and have any questions about it, I will be glad to help you figure out exactly what happened.

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