Reincarnation or Repossession? – You Decide

This is truly a year of discovery. We are being exposed to more indications of reincarnation every week, and these indicators are hard to ignore. We see three-year-old concert pianists and six-year-old composers of classical music with the poise and ability of people who are much older.

On the other hand, we are seeing people of more advanced ages who seem to become transformed in some inexplicable way to totally different personalities. Some may view these as spiritual awakenings, but there are some instances where the new personality claims to be a famous person. In some cases, these awakenings are spontaneous, but it more likely to occur when the person is doing past life regression or Dianetic auditing.

There is a continuing skepticism about these events because the person does not always recall information that skeptics feel is essential. Those of us who have accumulated more than 8 decades of experience can only marvel at such narrow-mindedness because we have forgotten more then we remember in many cases. We tend to take any indication of reincarnation or repossession at face value. 

I use the term repossession to describe the circumstance where a being or a group of beings leaves a body at death or as a result of an exorcism or similar process and picks up a new body which is already occupied by an existing group of beings. 

We have discovered in our Spiritual Rescue Technology research that a body is never owned by a single spirit, at least not on Earth. Every person in a body is being influenced and being run by a large group of spiritual beings, and in most cases, these spirits are not working in close harmony. In fact, during our counseling sessions, we discover that in many cases, these spirits have been unaware of each other, and each has been working away, thinking that they were in charge. (This is described in detail in my first book, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology.)

Reincarnation is simple to envision if you realize that spirits are immortal and physical bodies are not. When a body dies, the spirit leaves it and may pick up another body if the death was not too traumatic. If the death was traumatic, the spirit might wait a long time before picking up another body. Usually, the spirit forgets everything about their former life, but occasionally the spirit retains the memories and skills of a former life. In this case, the person can become a child prodigy if it so chooses.

Repossession is a bit more complicated, and you need to understand that we are each a group of beings who are doing our best to run a body and present ourselves as a unified personality to the world. In the best of circumstances, you are in charge of this group of beings, and your actions are seen as logical and consistent by the people you know. 

In the worst of circumstances, you are being overwhelmed by the other beings, and your behavior changes unpredictably from day-to-day. The world of psychology calls this DID. Dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), is a mental disorder characterized by the maintenance of at least two distinct and relatively enduring personality states. (This is what happens when you cannot maintain control of the beings who surround you.)

You and the other beings who make up your personality may have been together for many lifetimes. The bond that holds you together is a decision made at some past time. This bond can be undone by counseling or as a result of some trauma that causes a new decision. When a spirit or a cluster of spirits separates from the main body of your spiritual companions, they may still remember their experience as being “You”. When this happens, these spirits go on to possess someone who now has the distinct memory that they were you in some past life. The truth of the matter is that they are only one of the personality fragments that made you who you are or were. They will only have the memories that were produced by that group of spirits, and one of the interesting things we have discovered is that beings can only seem to remember the incidents that were interesting to them. The rest are merely vague memories with little or no detail. When you are a passenger in a vehicle, and someone else is driving, your memories may differ greatly from the driver’s memories, depending on where you put your attention.

We have many beings following us around who are not fully conscious and are just along for the ride. They may have been with us for thousands of years, but if their attention was on the weather or on what food was being eaten they will not remember much of what else happened in the intervening centuries. When these beings leave us through counseling or death, they contain only a fragment of our personality, and when they show up on someone else down the line, they present a skewed version of us to the world.

I think you will find that some of you have encountered this kind of situation and I would like you to join me this weekend while we discuss what to make of it and how to handle it when we encounter it.

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