What Are You Putting Your Attention On?

Where do you want to be this time next year? In the last few days in our workshops and webinars, I have been discussing various ways you can change your life without trying to influence you as to what changes you should make. This week, I would like to share tips that may make it easier to select an area of your life to change.

If you are having difficulty thinking of an area of life you want to improve significantly, pause a moment, and think back over the last year. What underlying concerns were you ignoring while you were focusing on your primary goals?

For example, there are always deadlines to meet and immediate needs to fill, and most of us can keep quite busy dealing with our daily concerns. We can have a challenging job and find that after several years, we have met most of our targets, but our families have grown up without us. Or we can spend our time being good parents and good friends and have never taken the chance to improve the quality of our lives because that would mean moving to another city.

You get what you put your attention on, and every decision has consequences. If you spend your time seeking comfort, you may not get financial security. If you spend time seeking wealth, you may end up with few friends and no family ties to speak of. A person seeking answers to the mysteries of life may end up with workable solutions and no one to share them with.

Rather than giving you a list of desirable goals, let me suggest a way to determine their priority.

1. List all of the essential things you still don’t have. These might include a house or a car or a steady job.

2. List the necessary things that give you comfort and satisfaction. These might include skills, talents, peace of mind, and a place to live and friends with whom you can share the results of your creativity.

3. Prioritize the list of necessary things. Find places on this list where the essential things you still don’t have should go.

List the resources at your command that can be applied to obtain the essential things you still don’t have. Will these resources allow you to add the essential things in a reasonable time frame? If not, what other resources will you need? Resources can include people, different locations, additional skills, increased awareness, and something to remove counter-intentions from your environment.

Round up all of the resources you need to achieve your objectives and employ them to make the changes you wish to see. Doing this will produce the desired results unless you have spiritual barriers.

If you find yourself stymied and unable to make progress, arrange to have some counseling with an SRT counselor, and you will find the barriers will melt away.

If you find yourself becoming distracted while following these instructions, arrange for a counseling session and you will be back on track again.

Intention produces results. If you intend to achieve something and it is not happening, text me, and I will help you sort it out. srtcounseling@gmail.com

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