A young woman named Mai Liew has created a series of grooming products for women and produced an inspirational video which you can see here:

She is very personable and she is trying to inspire others to follow their dreams. She says her formula for success is: Intention + Intuition = Dreams Fulfilled. As you can see, it seems to have worked for her as she has gone from being a successful hairstylist to a celebrity entrepreneur.

I would like all SRT users to watch her video and see what else might be contributing to her success other than what she is aware of. In my opinion, she is like a natural athlete who can produce top results because she unconsciously does the right things and has never had to overcome issues that bother other people.

I think that anyone who studies Spiritual Rescue Technology can look at her video and see how they can duplicate her success in other fields using her advice and some of these additional steps:

  1. She developed a product for do-it-yourself hair trimming after being a leading hairstylist for 20 yrs. She knows a great deal about the problem she was trying to solve.
  2. The product was designed to help others achieve her quality of hair trimming by themselves. The result of using the product was a professional hairstyling result.
  3. This product and the rest of her products are intended to help others, not just to make a quick buck.
  4. She is using her product success to inspire others to create their own dreams.
  5. She is attempting to describe the formula for her success. Intention + Intuition = Dreams Fulfilled
  6. She makes a very important point that few others have made, don’t analyze a project from start to finish, start when you have a clear intention for the first step and the rest will follow.
  7. Do one step at a time and the rest will follow.
  8. Define what it is you intend to achieve
  9. Build a prototype to prove if the idea is possible for a product. – This can take years in some cases.
  10. Model the transaction and its flows if you are designing a service. This can take years also.
  11. Model the results including all pros and cons for a change of environment or occupation.
  12. If at any point from #8 on, confusion or negative feelings set in, run some SRT solos sessions, and handle any counter-intention.
  13. As you gain certainty in the viability of the product or service or environmental change, look for support from people who will be motivated to help you make this happen.
  14. As you gain support, work out what the exchange will be for those who help you.
  15. Build on your certainties and continue to develop your dream step by step using SRT to handle any counter-intention or confusion.
  16. Keep making sure that everyone involved will get a fair exchange from participating in the development of your dream
  17. Keep applying the conditions of existence and move on up to a power condition in the realization of your dream. Understand that your dream is shared now by others and continue to work with them in the furtherance of the dream.

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