If you are not dealing with spirits every day, it is easy to remain unaware of the degree to which spirits can affect you. I have recently encountered several experienced SRT users who were completely oblivious to spirits causing them to act in ways that were not normal. In reviewing my sessions of the last two months, it appears that increased awareness would have saved my clients many hours of counseling.

These clients got good gains from their counseling, but we spent far too much time getting the client to realize that his unhappy mood was not due to what some politician was doing, but was due to the fact that his spiritual companions were being triggered by the current political scene or by what his mother-in-law had said.

Now, I have covered this thoroughly in several books and in different workshops and webinars, but it appears that the information just has not sunk in. People are still wondering why they are cranky and are spending hours complaining about things when the emotion and grumpiness are coming from spirits.

When spirits are in your personal space for any length of time, you misown their emotions as your own.

It works like this: if your spirits are grumpy about what you are doing, you will feel grumpy and NO AMOUNT OF TALKING ABOUT IT WILL MAKE IT GO AWAY! YOU WILL JUST GO ON COMPLAINING AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

We are going to cover this thoroughly this weekend so that you should be able to recognize and handle these spirits on your own or call for help if you can’t manage to do it on your own.

Just to get you started, here are a few clues you are being affected by spirits:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed and surrounded by confusion.
  2. Recurring moods of feeling “undeserving” and “unworthy”.
  3. Continually whining or grumpy.
  4. You are easily distracted.
  5. You may have a sense that you are parked somewhere watching all of this go on.
  6. Talking CONSTANTLY to yourself when working
  7. Picking at body parts compulsively. This can include biting fingernails, scratching yourself habitually, picking one’s nose, etc.
  8. You have persisting or recurring body problems that do not surrender to proper medical care and a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Any of the items on pages 108 – 116 in the book, “Using Spiritual Rescue Technology”

Join me on Saturday, 6-27-20, for a free workshop on recognizing spiritual interference as opposed to you feeling off for no reason at all. You will be encouraged to ask questions until you can recognize a spiritual activity for what it is. Use this link at 12 noon EDT to join the workshop:

Join me on Sunday, 6-28-20, for a webinar on handling the different types of spiritual interference with your life. We will take up as many of the situations described on pages 108 – 116 in the book, “Using Spiritual Rescue Technology” as we can. Join me at 12 noon EDT Sunday on Zoom using this link:

The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link:

For those of you in the SRT Academy program, join me on Monday, 6-29-20, for intensive study and a few sessions to prepare you to handle spiritual interference with your life and interference with the lives of your family and friends. The bottom line here is that if you are not cheerfully handling the obstacles to your prosperity, you have spirits who are interfering with you. You have a choice, either handle the spirits or submit and let them determine how you live. Join me on Monday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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