Webinar 6-20-20 – Recruiting Helpful Spirits

If you would like to expand your skill sets, the fastest way to upgrade your skills is to recruit helpful spirits with the skills you are looking for.

Some of us have been doing this for several years, but not in an organized fashion. I have spirits who help me with writing tasks and they seem to keep showing up on their own as I need support. I have had other spirits in the past who have given me abilities that I did not have before they arrived and I did not recognize how this worked until now. I would be faced with a task that stretched my abilities to the max and somehow I would figure out things I had never understood before.

In recalling these times, there was one common thread. I was facing a challenge that excited me and I had to perform a “miracle” to get it done. I would work away designing a solution for a task I had never done before and inspiration would seem to come to me once I got going. It would not be just one idea but a cascade of related ideas and now I feel that the definition of the task brought in more helpful beings as needed.

In this webinar, we will explore different ways to attract and recruit spirits to help us. I feel that the starting point is to define what we need them for and what the tasks will be. I know that beings are attracted to interesting challenges and they actually get bored when there is nothing for them to do.

Here is a possible approach to get support for a project in just a few steps:

Step 1. Define what you need to accomplish without regard to your personal capabilities. For our first example, let us say we want to add a porch to our home. Describe its size and location and what you consider to be important.

Step 2. Identify all of the tasks, including design, that you can’t do yourself. As part of this step identify the tasks you have no idea of how to do and think of the talents you will need to carry this design out. As you work on this, you will get inspiration on sources of help on the physical universe and you will also get ideas on how to do more yourself.

Step 3. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, do a SRT solo session and ask for advice on how to proceed. You will get some helpful ideas if you ask the right questions. Framing questions in the form of, “How do I …” will allow your spiritual pals to nudge you in the right direction.

Step 4. Make sure you acknowledge every suggestion and idea you receive from your spiritual companions and the ideas will just keep on coming. One of the best ways to acknowledge your team of spirits is to write down every suggestion as it occurs.

Do not be afraid to define projects with far-reaching goals. You will not build an anti-gravity hoverboard with conventional thinking, Use your memory and your imagination when defining your projects. You are an immortal being and if you can dimly recall a device or system for doing things from long, long ago, you can probably recruit a being or two who can remember enough to get you going on your project.

If you want to do reasonable projects like adding a porch to your house or running for mayor, you have lots of beings who can remember the steps for accomplishing either of those.

In this webinar, we will go through the steps for recruiting spiritual staff for a project of your choice. I think you will find the exercise will give you more ideas you can use to recruit in the future. Join me at 12 noon Sunday on Zoom using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 

The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

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