Spiritual Rescue Technology Academy – Exercises in Changing Your Personality

The SRT Academy teaches students to achieve mastery of SRT principles and to be able to use SRT to change their lives. The following description is an example of the kind of instruction that you can get in the SRT Academy.

Personality can be defined as the way you respond to your environment, and this term includes the spiritual universe, the physical universe, and all of the people you interact with.

Many words can describe your personality and they range from apathetic, fearful, uncertain, and doubtful to energetic, expansive, and serenely powerful. Your personality changes many times during the day depending on what you are doing and who you re interacting with, but most of these personality changes are involuntary and you may have little control of them and my not even notice that these changes are occurring.

When you learn to change your personality, and to eliminate some your less desirable personality traits, you can remain in control of almost any situation.

Some of the traits I have handled for clients with Spiritual Rescue Technology include stuttering, being excessively reasonable, being indecisive, compulsively lying, being sexually irresponsible, and compulsive use of profanity. When these traits spring from spiritual causes, the traits can be removed in one or two sessions.

We are going to some drills in Sunday’s SRT Academy where the students identify their least desirable personality trait and handle the spiritual factors that are causing that personality trait. Once they learn how to do this, they are free to repeat the process until they remove any personality traits that are causing them problems in life.

The Academy meetings are $25 each and are held every Monday at 12 noon EDT

If this kind of training interests you, send me a message at: https://t.me/David_St_Lawrence

This will connect us on Telegram where you will find more information about The SRT Academy, the SRT Webinars, and the Free SRT Workshops

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