Uncertainty is a subtle indicator of spiritual activity acting against you

The spiritual activity takes the form of counter-intention that you probably think is one of your own thoughts. It usually takes the form of a negative thought that follows immediately upon the heels of a positive thought.

You casually think about making a major change in your life and you get an immediate thought like, “I’m too old for that.” or “It will never happen.”

This has probably been happening for years and you have grown used to it and do not recognize the negative thought as coming from another source. You just feel uncertain about your ability to improve your life

If your awareness is high enough, you can spot the source of the counter-intention and handle it with caring communication, but most people just feel uncertain and do their best to overcome the uncertainty by forcing themselves to carry on.

If you would like to understand how spiritual activity can affect your life, you might want to read my book, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology It will increase your awareness and give you the data you need to handle counter-intention from the spiritual realm.

I hold weekly workshops and webinars to discuss how to handle spiritual activity, but you can read my book and see for yourself how this works.

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