SRT Academy Meeting 6-8-20 – Back to Basics

On Sunday, we attempted to explore some off planet activity and found that the subject was unexpectedly restimulative. What that means, in plain English, is that simply reading about the topic stirred up enough old memories that our spiritual companions got stirred up and were interfering with our ability to reach and withdraw properly.

It was like trying to do a session when your rudiments are out. You are trying to focus on something important and your spiritual companions are shouting and waving mental image pictures around.

We were able to help each other get our beings partly under control, but we could not get the focus we needed to accomplish anything significant.

The fact that we were not able to achieve our objective indicates to me, at least, that we skipped a gradient somewhere. The last time we failed to complete a step was while we were reviewing the SRT factors. During the final meeting, we got caught up in some definitions and the discussion ground to a halt.

Since the factors are a basic building block of our technology, we need to go back and finish the job of defining each factor so that they can be understood and applied.

Remember that these factors are not Truths handed down from above. They are agreements among SRT users as to what they are and what they mean. To the extent that we reach agreement, we will have useful elements to draw upon to resolve confusions.

Here is a link to the latest revision of the SRT Factors:

Please review this document and join me Monday in getting these Factors adequately defined.

SRT Meeting Monday on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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