Latest Revision of the SRT Factors

The Factors Of Spiritual Rescue Technology – revision 5a

The Spiritual Universe– Some agreement has been reached on these. Others are still under discussion.

  1. There are only spirits and what they exchange in the Spiritual Universe. The spiritual universe contains agreements and disagreements.
  2. The first action of a spirit is to be, and that creates a unique life force energy.
  3. The next action of a spirit is to assume a viewpoint.
  4. The next action of a spirit is reach out from that viewpoint to contact other spirits and thus begins an exchange between spirits.
  5. The most significant exchange between spirits is the exchange of attention, emotions, and ideas (considerations).
  6. Spiritual beings consist of life force energy which has spiritual qualities and these are awareness, intentions, and responsibility. There may be more qualities to be discovered later.
  7. Space in the spiritual universe is a consideration created by spirits. There are no physical dimensions to this space. Spiritual space is defined by the degree of affinity between spirits. The considerations of space between spirits can fall in these categories: far away, near by, close enough, just right, too close, and co-beingness.
  8. When two spirits occupy the same viewpoint, there is co-beingness and a completely shared viewpoint. This co-beingness means that all considerations and, intentions, attention, admiration, life energy, and ideas are shared, there is no communication in the usual sense. During co-beingness, the sources and the destinations are one.
  9. Co-beingness creates complete understanding between all beings participating. This is not a normal condition amongst spirits but can be attained momentarily by those spirits who understand what is involved.
  10. Spirits can create places and artifacts for themselves in the spiritual universe that are purely considerations. These can take any form and be any size and are visible to other spirits. The Akashic records are the results of spiritual creation and record all that has been created.
  11. There can be conflicts between spirits on the use and purpose of places and artifacts in the spiritual universe. These conflicts are considerations of purposes that are not aligned harmoniously. The opinion of spirits regulates the consideration of the elements of the spiritual universe, their stillness, or their motion, and these considerations consist of assignment of harmony or discord between the elements.
  12. These considerations of space may be the key to recovering the state of awareness of any spirit who has become overwhelmed.
  13. Spirits are immortal, but they can be overwhelmed by actions they fail to anticipate. This diminishes their life energy and they can decide to assume a state of diminished life energy.
  14. Spirits are CAUSE, but they can decide to be EFFECT. When spirits decide to be cause, they can create effects by themselves, in harmony with others, or at cross purposes with others. When they create at cross purposes, some of the spirits may decide to be effect.
  15. Spirits creating in harmony or in conflict with other spirits can achieve results in the physical universe.
  16. Caring Communication has been discovered to allow spirits to create in harmony and to repair the effects of past overwhelm. This is one of the main pillars of Spiritual Rescue Technology.
  17. We have discovered no limits to the spiritual universe yet, which promises that there are more factors to be discovered.
  18. The Spiritual Universe creates the physical universes through agreements and this creation exists as a continuum with a purely spiritual universe at one end and a mixture of spirits and matter, energy, space, and time at the other end. At one end were spirits alone and at the present end there are spirits totally intermingled with their creations.

The Physical Universe

  1. There are many spirits and these spirits can out thrust dimension points to view. When there is an agreement between spirits as to these dimension points and the duration of these dimension points this exchange becomes the physical universe, as these dimension points define the physical universe.
  2. Thus there is space created, for the definition of space is a view of dimension by a spirit. If there is no spirit to view, there is no space.
  3. The spirit consists of life energy and this life energy is what animates living matter in the physical universe.
  4. Spirits do not have to agree on a particular physical universe, nor do they have to inhabit or visit a physical universe. They are independent of the physical universe unless they consider themselves part of the physical universe.
  5. The spirits in the spiritual universe create the physical universe. Every action in the physical universe is preceded by an intention and action in the spiritual universe. It is fair to say that spiritual intention defines and creates the physical universe we know.
  6. The spirit does not exist in the physical universe, nor is it located in the physical universe unless it considers that it is so located. The spirit communicates to the physical universe.
  7. The characteristics of the physical universe are a matter of agreement between the spirits who created it. The spirits who currently occupy the physical universe, do not recall the agreements that were made and so cannot change those agreements easily. All agreements can be broken, but the basis for the original agreement must be known to accomplish this harmoniously.
  8. The opinion of spirits regulates the consideration of the elements of the physical universe, their stillness, or their motion, and these considerations consist of assignment of beauty or ugliness to the elements.
  9. It was an agreement on the part of the creating spirits that the physical universe and its parts would persist and for how long. The agreement defines the motions of the physical universe and thus defines time.
  10. Many spirits, interacting, become dependent upon one another’s creations and do not choose to distinguish completely the ownership of creations and so comes about a dependency upon the physical universe and upon the other spirits.
  11. The management of the physical universe has become a game of long duration and some spirits lose their sense of authorship and consider themselves what they have created. Some spirits consider themselves human, while others are content to exist as living things with no responsibility for the physical universe, only for the survival of their physical form.
  12. When spirits become invested in the physical universe, then they can lose their spiritual qualities and only have the qualities and abilities defined by the physical universe.,
  13. There is no reason to believe that there is only one physical universe. Spirits were free to create physical universes as they saw fit. This is a matter for future SRT students to investigate, once we understand our own physical universe better.

The things I have written here you can experience and know. Some of this may help us create a better civilization. David St Lawrence


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