Alien Interview Validation

I was pleased to find that I had already encountered some of the events chronicled in the Alien Interview book by Lawrence Spencer.

In reading the book, I found several places where I highlighted passages for further discussion with you in different workshops and webinars.

There were reports of events which should be fairly easy to check out as a group using some form of reach and withdraw processing.

I would like you to provide input on what areas you would like to validate and how you would like to go about it.

My initial idea would be to discuss the book and its claims in this weekend’s workshop, then to do some remote viewing SRT style in the Sunday Webinar to check out descriptions of ongoing activities.

Finally, in our Monday SRT Academy session, I would like to achieve co-beingness with some individuals who are mentioned in the book.

Those of you who would like to participate should send me your ideas by Friday so I can organize a weekend of SRT activities that will advance our knowledge of the spiritual universe.

1 thought on “Alien Interview Validation

  1. David St Lawrence

    I have posted the highlights on Telegram.

    We can discuss them in the workshop tomorrow.


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