SRT Academy Discussion Topic – Volition And The Games Of Life 6-1-20

In our Sunday webinar, we had an excellent discussion about the game of being human. In our Monday SRT Academy session, we will discuss volition and the games of life.

The agenda is attached:

A spiritual being’s choice of games depends on how much volition it chooses to exercise. Volition is the power of choosing or determining. The so-called game of life is played at many different levels and it involves actions in the physical universe that are driven by the spiritual universe.

This may be a ticklish subject for some people who have not inspected the spiritual realm very much, but spirits operate at many different levels. Every spirit exhibits life force, so you can detect spirits by looking for life force. In other words, if it is alive, it is animated by a spirit.

You may be comfortable with the idea that your pet is a spirit, but are you willing to embrace the idea that every blade of grass is a spirit? How about the mold in the distant corners of your laundry room?

If you can let go of your preconceptions of life and just look for life force, you will find that life can be detected almost everywhere in the physical universe. This life force is being produced by spiritual beings who are playing the game of life at many different levels. Humans play the game of life where they can exercise a great deal of volition. Animals play a game of life where their volition is more limited. Plants play a game of life with even fewer choices.

There are rules for each of these different games of life and like all rules, they are matters of agreement. Rules are agreements on how a game is played and who can play and what the playing field is. Rules get broken when some players do not agree with the rules or do not know the rules.

Participation in a game is always voluntary, even if the participants have forgotten this and even if there are rules to prevent fending the game. Withdrawing to the spiritual universe is one of the main ways to end a game in the physical universe.

We had been participating in a game of life where we have been being human and using the normal 5 senses. In the last few years, we have been adding senses beyond the 5 human senses and we have been re-examining the agreements we made to be human.

I would like us to discuss what higher-level games we might play using our SRT discoveries.

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